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Missing HUD buff descriptions megathread

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Hey Tenno! As mentioned in the Dante Unbound patch notes we have added a good chunk of the remaining buff descriptions to the pause menu. In total we are close to 550 buff descriptions added.

If you find any other buff icons without a description please report them with a screenshot and the way to trigger the icon in this thread!

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Quiver Subsume: Have Quiver Subsumed on any frame, fire a Cloak Arrow



Empowered Quiver Augment: Use Dashwire, Stand on Dashwire



Furious Javelin Augment: Use Radial Javelin near Enemies.



Hysteria: Use Valkyrs Hysteria



Weapon Zenith: Shooting the Alternate Fire.



Weapon Zenistar: Using Heavy Attack.


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Thermal Transfer Augment: Use Thermal Sunder, Heat and Cold.




Blood Altar: Use on enemy, stand inside altar range.



Escape Velocity Augment: Place wormhole, go through wormhole.



Primal Rage Augment: Use Primal Fury, kill enemies.



Accumulating Whipclaw Augment: Use Whipclaw on enemies.


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Nidus - Teeming Virulence. Augment: Have augment equipped & hit more than 4 enemies with Virulence



Nidus - Insatiable. Augment: Have augment equipped & stand in your Ravenous field


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Xaku - The Relentless Loss. Augment: Have augment equipped & cast The Lost


Gara - Mass Vitrify: While casting Mass Vitrify, the damage dealt into it is returned as the wall's health on cast end


Gara - Mending Splinters. Augment: Have augment equipped & with Splinter Storm active on yourself or allies, no buff icon indicating that you are healed by the number of targets affected by the ability (may not be intent of this thread but seems in same vein)


Rhino - Ironclad Charge. Augment: Have augment equipped & hit enemies with Charge


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