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NSW Dante Unbound: Hotfix #8

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As a continuation of the server upgrades mentioned in Hotfix 35.5.7, we have upgraded matchmaking and presence servers with this Hotfix. Some players in South America, Central America, and Southern US States may notice reduced server ping times particularly for Strict NAT players. Furthermore, the new servers may improve matchmaking and presence performance for other North American players by distributing the load more evenly. We’ll continue to monitor for any further tweaks needed.  

New Deep Archimedea Mission Risk Variables & Deviations

The following have been added to the pool of possible Mission Risk Variables & Deviations that can appear in the weekly Deep Archimedea reset. 

New Mission Risk Variables: 

  • Bold Venture: Enemies deal -15% Damage and take +15% Damage but gain +15% Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Fire Rate.
  • Devil's Bargain: Allies within 4m of slain enemies gain +25% Fire Rate at the cost of -50% Ammo Efficiency.
  • Entanglement: Allies within 4m of slain enemies endure reduced Movement Speed and Parkour Velocity.
  • Commanding Culverins: Rogue Culverins equip weapons that deal 5x Damage to Overguard and Necramechs.
  • Explosive Potential: Rupturing Fragments replace Shuffling Fragments.
  • Alluring Arcocanids: As Rogue Arcocanids charge attacks, they pull Warframes toward them.

New Mission Deviation: 

  • Unified Purpose (Disruption): All enemies target Conduits. 
    • This has replaced Parasitic Conduits (the Conduit’s timer is paused unless a player is within 10m; more players in range will accelerate the timer. Conduits drain Shields). While originally listed in the Dante Unbound Patch Notes, we felt it didn’t quite fit the core Disruption gameplay. In its stead, we have added Unified Purpose. 

General Deep Archimedea Changes & Fixes: 

  • Reduced Vampyric Liminus’ Energy Drain from 50 to 25 per second. 
  • Fixed the “Sealer Armor” Exterminate Mission Deviation (enemies take 90% less damage from non-weak point hits), causing Rogue Culverins to not self-destruct after destroying their two weak points.
  • Fixed Necraloid’s monologue after backing out of the screen being heard regardless of where you are in the Sanctum Anatomica. Certified yapper. 
  • Fixed the Fractured Armor Personal Modifier (casting an ability reduces armor by 10% for 10s) not having a HUD buff indicator. 


  • The Butcher’s Revelry Ghoulsaw Stance Mod is now available in Hok’s Wares in Cetus for 20k Ostron Standing at Rank 3 (Trusted).
    • We also fixed the Mods (including the Butcher’s Revelry Stance Mod) in the Ghoul Rictus’ drop tables having a 0% drop chance.
  • The Steel Path Incursion mission on-hover tooltip in the Star Chart now shows the Steel Essence reward. 


  • Fixed Dante's Tragedy VFX affecting performance when repeatedly cast. 


  • Fixed Eximus kills not counting towards Ruvox’s Evolution II challenge (kill 8 Eximus with this weapon's Incarnon Transmutation) for Clients. 
  • Fixed a bug where Clients would stop auto-meleeing to abruptly block when another player in the squad uses Transference. 
    • As mentioned on Devshorts 13, we are continuing to investigate other auto-melee issues. 
  • Fixed case where Gruzzling (in Armatus Disruption mission) may spawn below the floor in a specific staircase area of Albrecht’s Laboratories. 
  • Fixed the “Perform Synthesis for Cephalon Simaris” Uranus Junction task not being marked as complete for players who had made it past the stage in The New Strange Quest that requires synthesis scanning before the Dante Unbound Update. 
    • This task was added in the Dante Unbound update, but for players who had performed Synthesis before it launched it was not retroactively completed. 
  • Fixed the Ghoulsaw not completely blocking damage from raytraced projectiles (Heavy Gunners for example) or Melee attacks. 
  • Fixed parrying attacks with Melee causing the “reset on Status Effect” Riven Mod challenges to fail. 
  • Fixed Clients with the Rauta gaining Combo Count by shooting teammates. 
  • Fixed the damage increase from Xata’s Whisper unintentionally applying twice on the Phenmor and Laetum’s Devouring Attrition perk and the Felarx’s Devastating Attrition perk. 
  • Fixed being unable to hover over Kitgun stats to view secondary stats in the assembly screens. 
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra with the Warrior's Rest Augment Mod (which makes it so that he no longer fights independently but increases Ability Strength) regaining sentience during Transference after successfully reviving with Last Gasp.
  • Fixed the Arbiters of Hexis Operative in Defense missions falling into the player spawn elevator and becoming invulnerable in the Grineer Shipyards tileset. 
    • Now when they enter this area they will be teleported out. 
  • Fixed the glass on Gara (base and Prime), Astilla, and Fusilai being very bright in GI lighting areas. 
    • The glass from Gara’s abilities still seems to be affected by this - we are investigating. 
  • Fixed Dante’s Wordwarden missing some minor explosion VFX. 
  • Fixed being able to enter Dante’s Leverian without having completed the Whispers in the Walls Quest requirement via the “Leverian” button in the Dante’s Collection in-game Market screen. 
  • Fixed players who are replaying the Vox Solaris Quest getting the “Client/host data mismatch. Please verify your cache using the Launcher” error upon attempting to matchmake into the Profit Taker Bounty. 
    • As noted in Hotfix 35.5.7, players who are replaying the Quest will not see the context action to start the Bounty as a means of preventing matchmaking issues from occurring. 
  • Fixed Clients being unable to load into Maroo’s Bazaar and disconnecting from a squad where all members do not have Cross Platform Save enabled.
  • Fixed the skirt on the Gyre Kuvael Monarch Skin not lifting while using her Rotorswell ability. 
  • Fixed several offset issues with the TennoCon 2024 Syandana (notably when equipped on Excalibur and many of his skins). 
  • Fixed a lack of collision in certain areas of the Corpus-Outpost Index Arena. 
  • Fixed Inaros’ Negation Armor Augment Mod description using  “Scarab Armor” instead of “Scarab Shell”. 
  • Fixed more cases of errors caused by joining a Profit Taker Bounty while the Vox Solaris Quest (specifically a replay) is active.  
  • Fixed a texture bug with Yareli’s Batomorpha Helmet.  
  • Fixed a script error post-Host migration related to Gruzzling spawning.

For list of known issues for Dante Unbound, visit our dedicated thread: 

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