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NSW Jade Shadows: Hotfix #3

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NOTE: For Tenno playing in Japanese (PSA in Japanese
In order for this Hotfix to begin downloading, Warframe’s cache will need to be cleared to remove the unimportant files causing the above issue. Unfortunately in order to do this on Nintendo Switch, you must uninstall and reinstall Warframe. This will not remove your account or account progress! This will simply clear storage that is causing the above issue. 

Nintendo Switch Specific Notes:

  • Fixed the Japanese launcher not downloading latest Hotfixes, causing players to be unable to open the game. 
    • The reason for this issue was caused by the translated launcher patch-notes. To resolve this issue, we have temporarily swapped the patch-notes to English for the time being so that players can get into the game. 


  • Added Wisp Prime’s Theme to Varzia’s Prime Resurgence Offerings for Aya. 


  • Improved the accuracy of Frost’s Freeze projectile when cast within Snow Globe. 
  • Temporarily disabled Aiming Down Sights on fishing spears to prevent a soft-lock issue. 
    • The full fix for this issue requires Code for a future update, so for the time being we have done the above to ensure that players going through Quests with fishing stages are able to complete them without getting stuck. 
  • Removed a certain jump pad in the Ascension mission as it was yeeting players into a pipe along the wall (BONK). 
  • Improved the help tips in the Upgrade screen to be, well, more helpful! 
  • Made small edits to the prerequisites text in the Codex for the Vox Solaris and Heart of Deimos Quests. 
  • Updated Damage type icons in Status Damage tooltips to their colored version. 
  • Turned down the SFX volume of the Enlightened Hate Skin. 
  • Made minor improvements to texture streaming of certain UI components. 
  • Updated cinematic VFX during the Ascension stage of the Jade Shadows Quest.
  • Made lighting updates to the Ascension mission. 


  • Fixed being unable to equip the Semi-Shotgun Cannonade on the Steflos. 
  • Fixed loot abilities (ex: Nekros’ Desecrate, etc.) working on the Sisters of Parvos in Ascension missions. 
  • Fixed Jade’s Aureolt Helmet not opening and closing. 
  • Fixed Jade Light Eximus’ light beam attack doing significantly more damage after Hotfix 36.0.2. 
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s “Shadow Haze” Critical Chance not scaling with Ability Strength. 
    • For players that weren’t building around Ability Strength, this made it appear as if even its base 50% Critical Chance wasn’t applying. Now that scaling has been fixed, you can mod to increase that Crit Chance beyond 50%. 
  • Fixed being unable to rank up with the Cavia after earning Standing from Netracell missions when already at max for the current rank.
    • If you were affected by this bug, you should be able to rank up now!  
  • Fixed being able to swap Jade’s Universal Polarity from her Aura Slot onto another slot. 
    • We’ll be reverting the moved Universal Polarity back to its intended spot in a future Hotfix. 
  • Fixed Duplicate Config failing to copy an equipped Riven to the new config, and instead equipping a Veiled Riven. 
    • You will need to either manually swap out the Riven Mod or duplicate the Config again for the correct Riven to replace the unintended Veiled Riven.
  • Fixed reviving on the elevator in Ascension missions taking longer than usual. 
  • Fixed sprinting during Voruna’s Ulfrun's Descent not increasing her movement speed. 
    • Also fixes her losing her custom animation and doing a standard walk. 
  • Fixed Manifold Bond triggering from Status damage instead of from killing enemies as intended. 
  • Fixed equipped Dragon Keys impacting Stalker in the Jade Shadows Quest. 
  • Fixed low enemy spawn rate in Circuit Alchemy missions (they should now be more in line with Excavation and Survival). 
  • Fixed a map hole in the Juggernaut Behemoth’s arena in the Jade Shadows Quest. 
  • Fixed the Relay Quick Access wheel having infinite slots. 
    • This was causing lil ol’ Ordis in the Larunda Relay to be placed in the very last slot, making it hard to find him since he wasn’t visible upon opening the menu - but he is now!  
  • More fixes towards immediately getting stuck on a railing after loading into an Ascension mission through Ordis at the Larunda Relay. 
  • Fixed Jade’s Prex Card pick-up context action being visible to players who don’t have a max rank Jade. 
  • Fixed the Leptosam Mutagen’s description saying it is used for Vulphaphyla instead of Predasite. 
  • Fixed Pupacyst’s upgrade screen having the “Lesion’s Frenzy” Unique Trait (this was a UI-only issue).   
  • Fixed the gears on the smaller elevator in Ascension missions continuing to turn even when stopped. 
    • Known issue: Clients are still experiencing this issue, we will be looking into fixing this in a future Hotfix/Update. 
  • Fixed performance issues during the Ascension stage of the Jade Shadows Quest. 
  • Fixed World State Window missions, alerts, etc. using incorrect subfaction names (ex: “Grineer” instead of “Kuva Grineer” for Kuva Alerts).  
  • Fixed offset issues with the left Harkonar Wraith Leg Plate when equipped on Jade. 
  • Fixed offset issues with the Mozi Syandana and certain leg armors when equipped on Drifter’s Vahd Suit and Greaves.  
  • Fixed Stalker’s Landing Craft being misplaced at the end of the Jade Shadows Quest. 
  • Fixed Jade’s Glory on High SFX clipping for Clients when rapidly firing. 
  • Fixed a slight outline on the Legendary Rank 1-3 Sigils. 
  • Fixed PH tag in the “Start Wave” context action on Exodampers in Void Armageddon missions. 
  • Fixed PH tag in the Cold Damage’s tooltip description. 
  • Fixed cases where confirmation prompts to begin Quests were case sensitive. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Jade’s Glory on High alt-fire. 
  • Fixed a script error in Ascension missions. 
  • Fixed a script error in Duviri Decrees. 
  • Fixed a script error caused by Qorvex’s Containment Wall ability. 
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