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We Need A "magic" Nerf


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I've noticed a couple of "magic" things in the game that I think need need to be dragged back closer to video-game "reality".

I notice we have "magic" security lockdowns that only affect Tenno - Corpus and other bad guys move through the "locked" doors like they were made of kitty-cat dreams and unicorn farts.

The same is true of laser bars: the Tenno literally BOUNCE off the lasers (Let me say that again. We BOUNCE. Off. The Lasers.) while anything with evil in it's heart moves through them like a lobbyist through Congress.

Grineer have "magic" grenades. If I'm standing next to a Grineer when one goes off, he stands there blasting away at me with an excrement-chomping grin on his face, while I fly through the air with the greatest of ease, sphincter over Lato. I half-expect to go head-first onto a wall with my little pointed horn going "TOINGGG!", Bugs Bunny-style.

There are at least two "invisibility" buffs, that each work right up until one single solitary bad guy sees you. From that point on through the rest of the level, you are "magically" invisible, which means your fellow Tenno might have a difficult time seeing you, but every damn Grineer in the place now sees you like you were wearing electric neon boxer shorts with a large blinking sign over your head.

I understand that some suspension of belief must take place, but is there any way these "magic" situations can be 'tuned' a little bit? 'preciate it.

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For the last point (Which seems to get brought up a lot), Lotus does say that, when the alarms go off, 'They've got you on their scanners!'. So, I would imagine they have a minimap that pinpoints your exact location (When not invisible, obviously), and they just follow that. For Infected, iunno. Hive mind?

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