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Beacon Drop Rates


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Can we get Beacon Drop rates SWAPPED for Kappa and Gamma?


Gamma requires 4 per Triangulator

Kappa requires 8 per Triangulator


I get 2x's the Gammas as I do Kappas.


The Rarity of the beacons has gone thusly for me (From Rarest to Most Common):


Delta - Kappa - Gamma- Omega


IE: In a run I would get 8 Gammas and only 4 Kappas. Doesn't matter the run, I always seem to have way more Gammas than Kappas.


Thus it takes one run to get the required Gammas, and two to get the required Kappas. I think it should be swapped so that rarity goes:


Delta - Gamma - Kappa - Omega


Just a thought.


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I'm building my 2ed key.

What do I have left over?

0 Delta

21 Gamma

39 Kappa

142 Omega

I can sell all this extra bs for 151,500 credits.

I can guarantee Ill have enough of these three again when i get my next Delta.

Drop rates are fine. Only thing you need to worry about are Deltas. Everything else is a false sense of advancement to a goal.

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