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Anyone Knows Any News About The Upcoming Prime Access?


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Just as my question stated above. I'm know that there are people against on spending money on a free to play game. I just wanna know the content of the prime access. Anyone?


No idea. It can be something totally different as well as it can be like stated above.

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To remain faithful in regards to the actual order of the frames creations =  Nyx Prime since was created before Loki/Ash/Trinity



To make more money from a on going Warframe meme and fak-...real fan service = Loki Prime

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I'm assuming Loki. Been a few subtle hints. DE stated that they were deciding between Rhino or Loki for the current Prime access, and Rhino won out.

So now, it'd make sense to focus on Loki's now. After all, he's the only starterframe who hasn't been bling'd yet.


DE also took notice of a Loki Prime fan concept and thought it was awesome, so their inspiration is already set as well for Loki Prime.





Also- if they do take points from that certain concept art, Loki Prime will have a golden crown-type figure on the top of his helmet. All hail King Loki.

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Isn't it only every 2 or 3 months ?

Pretty sure it will be Hamster Prime.

The first two Prime Access packs were about 5 months apart.

I'm ok with Hamster Prime, as long as I get my Grate Prime glaive skin too.




I'm personally wishing for a scindo prime, bolto prime, and a Vectis prime <3 

Vectis Prime?  Yes please!  Automatic weapons got enough love with Boltor Prime last Prime Access.


(though I would always be sad knowing I could do more damage since Primed Chamber is essentally nonexistant.  Though if they were going to release Vectis Prime, it would be a great time to also do another event that gives Primed Chamber.)

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