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Rare Alert Rewards And Stances...


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Hi Tenno.


Dont you think that alert rewards ale like this old grandma? I mean, Im with warframe since the beginning, the closed beta, and I can honestly say that there are nearly no new rewards from alerts that are really interesting... As long I remember, there were 'Dark' blades, 'Heat' blades and Plasma, Jaw and Pangolin in alerts. Its U13, and what changed? All those weapons are nearly the only ones in alert system. +Glaive which was added some time ago. Dont you think those weapons could be placed somewhere else and replace them with some new, unannounced, that would surprise us all and force to hunt for alerts with excitement instead actual *ding* 'ah, another crap reward...'? I think it could be great and fresh.


Also, dont you think that Stance mods should appear from time to time as alerts?


To be honest, I got bored of farming the same missions over and over and... over again, to taste some U13 features.

Well, U13 has a great content, but... Vay hek? - delta beacons farm, way more annoying than with Lephantis. Melee 2.0? - endless farm for some stances you really want. DE, dont you think Update features should be in every players reach? Well, Im 700+ hours player, but some of us doesnt play like 24/7 and it could be a bit more than 'play your 2-3 daily hours with the same mission and... end with trollface coz you didnt get that again'. Its sure Warframe is a grind game, since I remember - like 30 times old Lech krill with no drop and next 30+ helmets, to have Frost... I remember all this and understand that, but something have to change, to make Warframe better, and whats more - not boring. DE, at least small part of new content should have easy access, to make player happy enough long, until he get the rest of content.


Next thing with Alerts, I think there are too many similar alerts, just with a different amount of credits. Dont you think it could be repleaced with random uncommon-rare mod (not another aura pls)? BTW... Oxium could appear in alerts too.


Returning to weapons in alerts, there could be a weapon crafted by few parts like Brakk/Detron, whick parts could be obtainable from alerts...



EVERYTHING, but not another credit alert...

This system should be sth like 'hot! chance', something we trully care for, not just ignore.


Whats your thoughts, Tenno?

Greetings to all!

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+1 OP

NM alerts kind of do this

but yes, any/all IMPROVEMENTS to the alert system would be MUCH welcomed


resources (uncom/rares), mods (uncom/rare), blueprints, etc, etc, etc

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I agree that most of the time, I ignore Alert missions because the reward isn't good enough for me to bother with. To be honest, I only do Gift of the Lotus alert missions, because potatoes, am i rite?


But on the real, the credit rewards are lackluster, and has anyone else ever seen that third spot in the Alert window have a reward there?! Because I haven't.

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