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Warframe Theme Songs


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There are alot of reason I could say

1-No edit

2-No effort

3-Doing simple things like everybody can do

4-There's no sync with song for video

5-Not even speed run(volt)

6-Ppl are always looking for great video montage

1- there are over 40 cuts in novas video, and edits in volts would defeat the purpose

2- there was a lot of effort, i had to do 12 runs with volt to time it perfectly to the song, and edit the nova one to the song timing.

2- if it was something out of the ordinary it really wouldn't fit a theme song, aka a song meant to define a characters usual playstyle

4- u wot m8?

5- it was timed to the song, i had faster runs, but chose this one for that reason

6- wasat got to do with this?

I'm all for, and in fact eager to receive criticism, but at least watch the whole video before giving it.

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