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Axe/greatswords And Hammers Too


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Ok, it's clear we need a fix for these, a fracking longsword does the same damage.


And the way the tenno hold it..............UGH.


Well, first off, the "Hold the sword" stance.


I suggest Vom Tag one of the stances in german swordsmanship (Which focuses on 2-handed greatswords)



Now, as for damage, Heavy weapons were brought in because of how damn good their charge, their only good attribute, was, along with their group-hitting potential.


Of course, they're already slower, so just buff their damage, given that the average Heavy Weapon did 200 damage on a charged hit, took roughly 1.7 seconds or so to do the damage, so I'd argue that an average of 100 damage per swing should be a fair deal, especially given how S#&$ty their combo bonus is unless your just fighting infested, who literally run into your sword no matter which one it is. This is still slightly weaker, since the 2 hits that equal a single charged would usually take 1.8 seconds, and cost more stamina.


In terms of speed vs. power, I'd say the heavy blades (Much better name) should be.



so Gram should have 75ish damage, Scindo 100ish, and Galatine 125ish.


Most of these should be applied to non-jetkitty hammers too.


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