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Hey Guys, I Am Quitting Warframe.


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Good luck to everyone who I played with.


It is really too bad because this game has so many redeeming qualities. The game isn't fun anymore. The problem is there isn't enough reward/effort in this game. You can spend an hour running on Survival and get nothing but credits and orokin cells. I want to get some rare stuff I can actually sell on the Trade chat.


I farm the hardest planets but cannot get a T3 key for the life of me. Not sure if this patch is bugged or something.


I am bored of running T2 keys, as they are too easy, and its hard to get a T3 group, because by the time i message someone, the group is already full. IN the last Patch T3 keys were dropping a lot more, but I barely got 5 T3 keys in all the time I spent since Update 12 came out and I play every night.


Nothing left for me to do that run ODD, to upgrade my third serration or heavy caliber to full and sell it or high level survival with S#&$ty loot dropping nonstop. Not impressed with Melee 2.0, and the Dark Sectors coming to PC.


What is the reason for me to keep playing if the rewards are non-existant. Nothing worth selling on Market that I can get my hands on, and people constantly undercutting you by selling stuff for 10p.


I really hate this game now. I tried to login yesterday to get my Dex Furis but  the game server was down. Not sure wtf is going on with DE, and no explanation whatsoever.


DE isn't getting another cent from this PS4 player. Thanks guys bye.

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