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Mag's Pull Bugged, Obex Broken And More : Client Problems.


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Third topic I am doing about that, hoping to be seen by someone from the staff.


That problem have already been declared some month ago, but there's still no fixes for that.


When you are not the host in game, mag's pull won't pull anymore, Obex won't send things in space with it's slide attack. Kestrel won't knock things away anymore... The ragdoll effect is still present, but ennemies just won't suffer any real launch or pull effects : Ennemies pulled by Mag will just dumbly fall down, same for enemies knocked by Obex, Kestrel and some more weapons.


It's both game-breaking for Mag and fun-killing for Obex/Kestrel/Kogake/whatever users who can't host their game due to a bad connection or something else, and I really hope to see this fixed in the next patch or hotfix. The hotfix 13.0.6 haven't fixed anything about that, and it was quite heart breaking.


Thanks a lot for your attention.


EDIT : I took a video footage of the bug, showing its occurence with pull and kogake, using two mags. Mag prime was host, I was client.



Sorry for the bad quality.



EDIT : THE PROBLEM LOOKS NOW FIXED SINCE 13.3.0. I will bump that thread if the problem is back.


Thanks everyone for your support. :)

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are you going to complain every single time an update comes in that doesn't fix the problem you've mentioned?





I haven't seen the issue with Mag's Pull, I'll give it a go in a random party then.


You have to be client. Ask a friend to host a game on any mission and try it. Or host a game yourself and tell your friend to try it.


As fas as I know, it happens with Mag's pull, Kogake, Obex and Kestrel.


Edit : Woops. Got ninja'd.

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That problem is not new. It occured before U13, and is totally "fun-breaking" for some weapons, and game breaking for Mag. It couldn't be intended.

There's mechanics of some weapons (obex, kogake, kestrel) that just can't be exploited anymore due to that bug.

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