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  1. Warframe is a game about farming at core, so if you don't have fun while farming there's no point about playing the game after all. My protip about having fun would be : don't use exclusively what's meta or faster to your farm. Go for what's entertaining to you. That's how I deal with most of my farm. Even if it takes me one more day to get one thing, if I had fun while doing it, it doesn't matter. For example : there's a reason why I stick with Garuda despite the whole plethora of much, much more powerful nukers around, and the reason is simply that I have much more fun handling Garuda.
  2. Removed PSA tag : this can only be used by admins.
  3. If your approach to feedback is to complain about people complaining, I'm afraid I have to tell you this is not the right way either since it's a metacomplaint, and metacomplaints are not constructive. Closing.
  4. Things are getting tense so I'm going to take this thread down. The forums are not the place for that kind of discussion anyway. I should have locked that thread sooner.
  5. Log out then log back in. If the problem persists, consider contacting the player support desk. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  6. I don't see any issue with you prefering male warframes over female warframes, but I'm genuinely confused about why you felt obligated to make a lengthy explanation about it on the forums. There's no reason to be ashamed of yourself, and there's even less reason to make that big reveal in a forum full of strangers. Play what you like. Don't let other people decide what you should like.
  7. I heard Limbo makes stuff much easier during the event. You should be welcome there. Anyway, you definitely want a pre-made with people who can play around you. I recommend avoiding public missions as Limbo where people can't appreciate his services.
  8. If you have insulted a player and they report you, there will very likely be consequences. The scale of these consequences can range from a simple warning to a ban depending of the words you employed. A chat ban is a likely option. I'm afraid there's nothing the forums can do to help you : you will have to deal with your punishment if it ever happens. Please have a bit of self control next time. People may have a good reason to rush to the extraction. I also encourage you to read the warframe terms of service. https://www.warframe.com/terms Closing. If you need more information, you can PM me.
  9. So your idea is just to give to Volt an exalted weapon and turn a massive nuke into a 25 energy power ?
  10. Removed megathread tag : this tag can be used by admins and moderators only.
  11. If I understood correctly DE is still fixing bugs and changing things with the event. They plan to add these to the reward list once the event will be in a better state.
  12. Please report that user if it's not already done. Closing.
  13. Fix suggestion : implementing bonus reward to the least played side. The less played it is, the better the reward. If everything is well-ish balanced, then big reward for both parties.
  14. There's more urgent matters to deal with. If you're very concerned about the current outbreak of Covid19 and you're healthy enough, you probably want to do something else than trying to change a label inside a video game. Depending of your country, you can probably declare yourself as a volunteer and try to help the more fragile people. If you don't want to step outside (which is understandable), you can try to entertain people online, or share your knowledge around. Closing.
  15. Please, report that bug in the right subforum. This sounds like it needs a fix asap. I'm trying to report the issue on my end.
  16. Garuda doesn't really want to get close. She just wants to deal damage. How you do it is your total freedom since Garuda goes decently with any kind of playstyle, though you definitely want stuff to be in front of you and not around you. If you get surrounded, you either reposition yourself or use blood altar to tank where you are. That said, having to rush at an enemy just to generate a shield is definitely not great design. It would work better if it was a ranged attack instead. But we're digressing : this is not a thread about Garuda. If any of you want to speak about that matter, feel free to create a new thread.
  17. Of course it could be a good theme. It's all a matter of execution.
  18. There's no best Warframe exactly. Some excel at one job or a particular niche, but that's about it, though some warframes are usually seen as much stronger picks. My protip would be to go for the warframe that suits your playstyle the best. Check the wiki and see what each warframe has to offer. If you want a good melee warframe, I think Saryn will fit your needs decently. She's absurdly powerful at the moment. She revolves around spreading spores around and sustaining these. She works the best with a long reaching melee.
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