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The Grustrag Three


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I decided to make short Fan-Fictions for people to enjoy seeing as it's entertaining for me to write and it's also extremely easy to make, I'll be making warframe short stories about the most random things out there. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy doing it :)


Update: I may be making these at a rate in which might be too much... I'll try to refrain on posting more than two Short stories at a time. Sorry for spamming the Fan-Zone page Q_Q

List of Short Stories:
All posts will be linked here
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Nekros: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/217816-test-number-05314-kubrows-can-travel-through-time/?p=2531274

Terminal-sama! https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/217816-terminal-sama-please-notice-me/?p=2535648

The (Not so Much) Dinosaurs: Complete Story: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/217816-terminal-sama-please-notice-me/?p=2536704






Screams of agony swallowed the room with deafening screams and blood everywhere, limbs and eyes of the enemy force where being thrown around by my master. I vacuumed all the resources the enemy dropped for my master to collect, shooting out when ever I could to help my master stay alive. There where three others who where helping my master, and along with them there where also some like me. You may know us as the Sentinels, pets to noble Tenno who seek company. I am known as a Carrier, a sentinel with the power to suck in loot dropped by enemies. My weapon given to me by my master is a shotgun, a strong fierce weapon with the power to kill enemies with a few quick shots.

My master was running to enemies, killing each one with a single bullet, and was followed by the three other Tenno. The closest Tenno had a Wyrm Sentinel, an ugly one that loves to move his body around. The second Tenno had a Helios, a smart yet obnoxious piece of trash, the other Tenno had no sentinel. Foolish of him indeed.

We Continued too run aimlessly (for me, at least) around the ship killing off the Grineer as we went. My master did not leave one standing, not even long enough for me to shoot. It's just like master to do that, always killing off all the enemies so I can't have any of the glory. Regardless, I had to follow the master without question. Floating above his head I went, silently and majestically. Well, until the Wyrm had to make a comment to me...

"HEY! Handle head!" the Wyrm screamed

I turned over to see the Wyrm, it's ugly face looking at me, "me?"

"Yeah you! Who do you think I'm talking to? Your master? He can't even understand me you dumb &#!! Why are you taking all the kills, huh? You a craven? Ya afraid that we'll kill them too fast and taking all the glory to yourself?"

"It's not my fault, my master is doing it. It's not me, just shut up and let me be," I exhorted.

"Who do you think you are telling me to shut up!? My master is the soul founder of Eclipse, he can kill you without even looking!" the Wyrm smugly said.

"Be quiet you umbrageous fools, I do not want to hear your endless bickering." the Helios commanded. I happily agreed, but the Wyrm did not.

"Umbrageous!? Umbrageous!? What the hell does that mean? Using fancy words to make me a fool, hu-" In that exact moment the Wyrm exploded, finally leaving us in peace.

"My Sentinel exploded :(" the master of the idiot Wyrm said.

"Lol sucks for u," my master replied.

"omg shut up guys just keep on going to extraction" the sentineless idiot replied.

"u don't tell me what to do!" my master elegantly said, just like him to do so.

"my dad owns DE, I can ban you for not shutting up!" the idiot... lives up for his name.

"omg sorry, i'll b quiet now :("

Any response to ANY of my work is GREATLY I MEAN GREATLY helps me on making these.

When I say greatly I mean greatly, like greatly greatly greatly greatly greatly greatly.

Did I say greatly helps?

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She's a Valkyr!

And she's a Trinity!


And now they're... ROOMMATES?


Coming soon to Disney Channel!


Please, please, make a parody of this.

...I have no grasp of these type of comedy shows... they'll be a easy fix, Valkyr being the mentally scarred one and Trinity being a healer. Too easy, it'll be better if it's  Ember and Hydroid. Or perhaps Rhino with Zephyr. There's many combinations that wont fit, and they're all good. 

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I walked. I walked and I walked and I walked. Where did I walk to? Why am I walking? Why is it so dark... so cold... so desolate. Where am I? How did I become? What do I do? 


A booming voice suddenly occurred, "These questions are meaningless. Does it matter why you are so, does it matter why it's so dark? All you know is that you're here."


"But I want to know!" I screamed back, there was no response. I sighed and continued to walk aimlessly through the dark void I was placed in. I was alone, with no one by my side, nothing to help me through this all. If only...


"Do not think of what could be. Think of what is," the voice appeared again. 


I did not bother to reply. I just continued. I looked at my arms and legs as I walked, trying to make sense of them and how they looked so. And most of all, their uses. I had decided my legs where used to walk, and my arms where used to keep balance. "Learn..." I whispered to myself. Then something happened. A small creature appeared, brown with a striped back. A bushy tail, and big black eyes. I walked towards it, and grabbed it in my arms. It was soft and warm. It squeaked at me. I placed it on my shoulders and continued to walk. 


"Life." the voice said.


"Life." I replied, looking at the creature. I decided to name it Squirrel, and continued my endless journey to the unknown place. It felt warmer now, the cold was replaced by heat, and the heat engulfed me, comforting me. I smiled. I closed my eyes to feel everything... there was nothing to feel. I was floating. Walking on ground that did not exist. I opened my eyes again to see trees and dirt. Birds flew above me, singing their songs. The sky was so... blue. The leaves on the trees where green, and the trunks where brown. I reached for the sky to grab a chunk of it. I closed my hands, ripping off a piece of the sky. Beautifully blue. I reached for a tree and grabbed a chunk of it as well. Grasping them in my hands. I held on to it, and closed my eyes once again. I opened my eyes again. This time there was nothing but the dead. The sky was no longer blue, but was the color of rust. The trees where burnt to charcoal, and the leaves where no more. My small pet turned to bones. 


"Death." the voice, once again, said.


"No... no no no!" I screamed with anger, tears swelling up in my eyes. I did not want this. I want the beauty back to me, I want it to comfort me. I fell on the ground and grabbed the dirt and watched it pour slowly away. "No." I closed my eyes, hoping to see life once more. I opened it again. Nothing changed. It remained, the death and the rusty sky. 


"Life comes. Life goes."


"WHY!?" I screamed in anger. 


"Life goes. And then life comes." 


There was suddenly great stone towers around me, zooming vehicles and chatting people. All of them with no joy in their faces, they walked as well. But they had a destination, where I did not. So boring, so... dreadful. This isn't what I wanted, this life was meaningless. No beauty, no joy. 


"Is this not what you wanted? I gave you life, yet you spurned it away when it wasn't what you expected." 


"..." I had no reply. 


"If you do not like it, then I'll take it away. You'll be left with nothing once again." 


"No!" It was too late. Once again, I was left with nothing. I wanted it back... it was something. Regardless of what it was. 


"If life can come and go, why can't death come and go?" I asked to the booming.


I raised my  hands to make my own life out of the death. "RAISE!" Life became again. I made life out of the dead. Perfect.


"Ask questions, seek answers, seek misery for it teaches you well." the voice told me, fading away in ever word he spoke. 


"You are Nekros. A Tenno. The Tenno. Live." It whispered to me, then faded away. 

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Test Number 05314: 


Classification: Safe


Final-Result: Confirmed


Scientist #501 Log:


Year One (1): 

The Llama-dogs (Lama glama Canis lupus familiaris) seem to have exceptional intelligence, far superior than any other animal known to us other than ourselves. The animals have an understanding of a total of 5,250 words on average, and with training can do amazing things never seen before. The dogs seem to have great loyalty to their owners, showing extreme affection and would even die for their owner. Their strength is above-average, but not of extreme note. Their fur is mainly made of Guard hair, even from birth they have very little (if not none) Down hair. There are a total of three (3) known species of these Llama-dogs, a computer generated image of one will be provided. 



Year Two (2): 


Many cases of disappearance of our scientist have occurred, we do not know how they disappeared or why but all we know is that the Llama-Dogs (will now be known as Kubrows). There is two possibilities on how they disappeared:

The first possibility: The Kubrows have eaten their masters for unknown reasons, depressing as it is this might be the strongest possibility. 


Second: The scientist have some how escaped along with their Kubrow companion to an unknown location. There is no explanation on why or how they did so, but this possibility can not be ruled out.



Update: After viewing surveillance cameras we have concluded that they somehow disappeared from thin air, along with their Kubrow. One second they are there, the next they disappeared. My fellow scientist (Scientist #234) responded with this by simply telling me:

Scientist #234: What the f*** just happened?


Year Three (3):


We do not know how the Kubrows did it, but they appear to travel through time (can only be noted that they travel to the past, not the future) at what seems to be random. We do not know how the Kubrows do it, but they do. Kubrows can travel through time, we will find out how and find out why they do so. Research is being done now. 


Year Four (4): 


We do not know how... the Kubrows seem to have a grasp of time and they seem to know how it works. Research is being done. We do not know how. We do not how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. We do not know how. 




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I was running to Terminal-sama, data-mass in hand, I was ready to protect him. Three others where with me, all of them seeking the comfort and protection Terminal-sama gives us. I was sweaty and nervous, I never met Terminal-sama before. Would he like me? Will he be nice? Am I his type... my train of thought was disturbed once I saw Terminal-sama in front of me. So big... so strong. Terminal-sama relinquished me of all my fears and worries, I was prepared. I placed my hand on the cold steel of Terminal-sama, feeling every curve of him and every bump. I felt a hand on my shoulders and turned to see my Tenno companion. "Put it in," he said gently. I raised the data-mass and placed it slowly in Terminal-sama.




It was in. Terminal-sama accepted me... Terminal-sama! He groaned in pleasure by the data-mass. Enemies where coming our way. Corpus. They wanted to take Terminal-sama away from us. We mustn't let them touch Terminal-sama. I stayed in touching distance to him, Akvasto in hand, ready to shoot anyone that tried to hurt Terminal-sama. A corpus crewman ran towards me, swinging his prova at Terminal-sama! How dare he do that! I ran towards the monster and tackled him and shot three bullets in his skull. I got up and hugged Terminal-sama, whispering to him that it's alright. 


*beep. beep*


I didn't leave Terminal-sama. He was scared. It was my job to protect him. All my fellow Tenno where killing all the horrible creatures that tried to hurt Terminal-sama. I stroked Terminal-sama, soothing him. "It'll be okay..." I touched the data-mass again, taking it out and in, hearing the helpless squeaks of Terminal-sama while I did so. Blushing, I stopped and placed Terminal-samas- *ERROR, WHAT HAPPENS HERE IS CENSORED DUE TO INAPPROPRIATENESS*- I groaned in pleasure, trying to control my voice while I did so. Until something happened. Terminal-sama came, taking out the data-mass and leaving it in the open. My Tenno companion picked it up and walked to the other end of Terminal-sama. Once we got there, he told us that we must do the ancient Tenno ritual of pleasing Terminal-sama. We must help Terminal-sama in his time of need. I placed my body on Terminal-sama, feeling the coldness of his steel. The others crouched and uncrouched around Terminal-sama, until he beeped.


*beep, beep, beep*


My Tenno companion placed the data-mass inside Terminal-sama, slowly. We continued to pleasure Terminal-sama, groaning in pleasure while we did so.  Enemies came and tried to disturb us, we took turns on taking care of the enemies. I took the last shift. I killed each one, make sure that none hurt Terminal-sama. Before I knew it, we where done. I laid myself on Terminal-sama and rested. Undisturbed, quiet, and happy. All until the Lotus had to come. 


"What do you guys think you are DOING!?" she screamed at us, "Terminal-sama is mine!" 


We ran from the Lotus, hearing her screams of angers as she chased us. 


We got to extraction and left.



Terminal-sama is love.


Terminal-sama is life. 

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It was cold. The wind pierced me like a spear, going through my body and chilling me to the bone. an annoyance I thought. I was walking with my fellow Tenno to the cave in which we lived in, stranded by the Lotus to defend ourselves against the Grineer in the freezing dwarf planet Ceres.. Well, I ought to tell you about myself before I continue my tale, and how I came to be. I am a Tenno from blood, I wore the Warframe known as 'Hydriod,' I had come here with my fellow allies to take out a reactor core. As you may have guessed, we didn't do that. The Grineer had noticed us before we can make your move, they shut down all life support and left us stranded by ourselves with the very few Capsules the Lotus sent us. We are sending reinforcements to your location, stay put she would always say... IT'S BEEN THREE MONTHS! I'm sure she could have done so earlier! Well, what ever. We where a squad of three, all close friends and new each other since our awakening. An Excalibur more finicky than any other I had met, and  there was a Nova, a young girl that is full of herself, always proclaiming she does all the work.


"It's so cold!" Nova told us, shivering and hugging herself trying to keep warm.


"Perhaps if you had more armor it wouldn't be so," I exhorted, annoyed at her complaining.


"It's not like I can help it! My Warframe is built like this, I can't do anything about it." said she.


I snickered and continued walking in silence. The cave was near, only a mile away. We faced no Grineer so far, and it would be best if we didn't. The Grineer where setting veterans to us, they where certain on killing us. We're going to die, and we're going to die in this cold wasteland. This of all places. Such a nice thing the Lotus is. 


We walked for a good fifteen minutes to the cave, in silence. We've grown accustomed to the silence, we grew to love it and nature it. It was the only thing we got that didn't cause us harm, other than the plants and ourselves, of course.


We finally got to our little comfy Cave. We decided to call the cave something we liked best, 'Death,' the thing we wanted most. We grew tired of it all. The endless fighting, the endless mockery, the endless life. I got into Death and made myself comfortable between two rocks on the right wall of the cave. Nova has the left face and Excalibur had the back. We all made ourselves home and sat in silence for hours upon hours for a signal from Lotus about Life Support or hopefully our rescue ship. Until Nova broke the silence. "I'm bored." 


Excalibur was not pleases by this at all, "what do you wish us to do? Dance for you?" he said with a snicker.


"That would be pleasing," she opened her arms and exclaimed, "come, dance for me my servants!" I picked up a rock and threw it at her, hitting her in the head. She squeaked out, "what was that for!" 


"Be quiet young lad, there is no need for you to yell, bored or not. Now toss back that rock." She grabbed the rock and threw it at me with a force that I did not know she had. I caught it before it could do any damage to me. Tossing the rock in the air I said, "there's wildlife near us, rumors has it that they are the biggest creature you'll ever see. Would it be your fancy if we looked?"  Nova nodded her head ferociously while Excalibur didn't respond but he just stood up and started to walk out the cave. He stopped at the entrance and looked back. "Well? Are we going or are you two just going to sit there all day and freeze your asses off?" We quickly got up and followed Excalibur.  



We walked the lands of Ceres to the area known as the deserted forest. Nothing with intelligence lived in those lands, it was all but sand and trees. Scarcely any water to live on the animals there fought, they where not to be messed with. Towering reptiles, man eating worms, damn... even the flowers would kill you with their poison, no matter how beautiful they where. But these where not what we where interested in. What we wanted was something huge, something cold blooded and not forgiving. What we wanted was the Dinosaurs. 


We walked towards the deserted forest, talking about which dinosaur we would claim first. Nova wanted a pink colored one, big and cute, She wanted to ride it to battle, strangely enough. Excalibur was not sure what he wanted, but he did know one thing, he wanted it to be perfect in every aspect. As for I, I wanted one known as the Tyrannosaurus, or T-Rex for short. Big and ferocious, ugly and mean, with stubby little arms that I can laugh at. "Mine will be the best one you'll ever see!" Nova exclaimed.


"Do you believe that to be so?" Excalibur laughed, "a pink dinosaur that you can ride to battle... you truly have an imagination befitting a child."


"Hey, what about you! You don't even know what you want, you picky, horned faced, jerk!" 


"Do not mock me, you do not know what you're dealing with." Excalibur smugly replied back.


"Ooooh? Look who's talking, all you do is stand behind me and swing your little Nikana around while I do all the work!" she exclaimed back.


"All the work? Do not flatter yourself, we all know you just soak all the enemies with anti-matter and take all the credit yourself. Take that away from you and what are you left with? A little girl full with self-confidence, yet she can't even break a twig." I was sure that he had a smile under his mask. 


"Take that back!" Nova screamed while tackling Excal with all her might.




"STOP THIS NOW!" I screamed, startling the both of them, "we are at the deserted forest already, if you two would get up and stop fighting like the children you are we can get going. This is closest thing we got to Earth, take it all in. This will be the last time you would see this."


"Ah~~~!" Nova got up and ran towards the forest, prancing and screaming 'It's amazing!' as she ran. Excalibur just shrugged and said "Could be better." It wasn't the best looking forest, far from it actually, but it is the only thing we got to our home on Earth. The trees stood tall with thick trunks and leaves the size of grown men, dry and bitter yet beautiful in a strange aspect. Take it all in I thought. This will be the last time I will see trees again. 



I was at the rim of the forest, it's giant trees looming over me as I looked at it. I sighed and took my first step into the forest, and walked. I followed the faint voice of Nova, slowly but surely getting to her. Excalibur was close behind me, his sheathed Nikana in hand.  Until we heard Nova scream. My blood ran cold as I heard it, I didn't move for a second trying to recollect on what happened. "Nova..." Excalibur faintly said. I was the first to start to run. I ran through the thick trees, trying to find out where Nova was. "Nova!" I screamed. No response. I ran faster, my Lex in hand. I screamed for Nova again and again, all in vain. I noticed a glimmer of light from the corner of my eye, along with the gleam was water. I turned and started running towards it. 


"Nova!" I screamed again, until I finally reached the water. It was hidden behind giant trees and bamboo, I had to force my way through in order to get to it. "Nova..." I whispered quietly, looking at Nova playing with a large pink Ankylosaurus, its giant head pushing her around. She laughed and giggled as the Dinosaur did so. I fell to my knees and let out a huge sigh, falling face down to the ground. "Eh?" Nova let out, "Hydroid~!" she got up and started running to me, the Ankylosaurus following her lazily. Excalibur suddenly appeared cutting through the bamboo as well, out of breath and shaking. He dropped his Nikana and ran towards Nova, hugging her fiercely. "Nova!" he exclaimed.


"Ow!" Nova squeaked out, trying to escape Excalibur's grip. 

"Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to hurt you!" he said. 


"What's all this about? You guys are acting as if I died and came back to life." Nova said, while scratching the back of her head. 


"Aye, we thought you where..." I responded, my voice muffled by the ground. 


"Why would I be dead? Look at me! I'm the strongest one here!" she flexed, showing her very small muscles. 


"The scream, you idiot!" Excalibur said, shaking Nova.


"Is the~re re-really a ne-need to~ shake~ m-me?" the Ankylosaurus roared at Excalibur, bringing him to his butt in fear. 


"W-what the hell is that thing" he screamed out, pointing at it, trying to reach for his Nikana. 

"Calm down, calm down, it's my new friend. His name is Squeakers, and I love him!" she said, hugging the giant thing by the neck. I got up and wiped the dirt off my pants and shoulders, and asked "Where did you find 'squeakers'? 


"Um.. if you haven't noticed their's a huge family of Squeakers right in the middle of the huge pond..." she was pointing at the family of Ankylosaurus' and asked, "you can't really miss it."


"I don't care what it's called, just get it away from me!" Excalibur cowardly said, Nikana pointing at the creature. The Ankylosaurus roared again, and prepared to attack Excalibur with its massive tail. 


"Woah woah woah, easy their big buddy." Nova quietly said to Squeakers, trying to sooth him, then stared at Excalibur. "Put that thing away! You're scaring poor Squeakers!" Excalibur stared at Nova and hesitantly put his Nikana away, sighing. "There. Now isn't that better?" 


I sighed and asked Nova about getting back to the cave, seeing as it's almost night time and we needed shelter. "Now that you have your pink Dinosaur can we please head back to Death? I do not want to die here of all places, cold and miserable."


"Sure, sure! Come on Squeakers, let's go," Nova said, pulling Squeakers along. We walked through the cut apart Bamboo, leaded by Squeakers and its master. Excalibur wasn't completely convinced about the Ankylosaurus' safety, so he had his Nikana prepared to be sheathed at any time. Nova hummed as she walked, and Excalibur just continued to walk warily with everyone else. We walked out the forest. Luckily the sun was still up, we could still see the entire area without worry. Well... until the Grineer came. 


"TENNO SKOOM!" the Grineer screamed at us, raining bullets on us as they ran. 


"The Grineer!" Nova screamed out, climbing on Squeakers.


"What in the name... what the hell are you doing!?" Excalibur and I both responded.


"What I always wanted to do," she said with an invisible smile. She charged the Grineer whilst on top of Squeakers, screaming as she went. Squeakers lifted it's giant tail and threw it at the Grineer once it was at close range, Successfully killing a large number of them. Nova pulled out her Soma and rained bullets on the Grineer, blood flew everywhere and so did limbs. Roars of the Ankylosaurus and Nova deafened our ears, we didn't move but just watched everything unfold, dumbfounded. She was really riding a Dinosaur to battle... 


Before we knew it all the Grineer had fallen. Leaving Nova and her new found pet the only ones standing. We ran towards her, laughing at the idiotic scene in front of them. "YOU DID IT!" Excalibur roared out.


Nova laughed out, "And where were you in this battle? I told you I do all the work."


For once Excalibur did not care, he simply jumped and tackled Nova, laughing as he did so. "You did it!" 


"There isn't a need to tell me my tales again and again," she said, pushing off Excalibur as she did so. 

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LOL. I just giggled like some little girl when I read that whole Terminal-sama thing. That should be like a thing by itself.. lool. The others are good as well, though, I enjoyed Terminal-sama the most.


I must be sick in the mind or something ._.

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"Get to extraction! I'll hold them back!" My Tenno companion screamed at us, shooting at the unknown creature with his Latron Prime. I ran doing as he told me, along with my other two companions, to the Extraction before the creature finally got to us. I heard a scream from my poor Tenno friend, that was the last time I saw him since. I held back the tears and continued running. The Extraction was near, only a few rooms away. Just a few rooms... I suddenly heard a large crack followed by a scream of pain. I looked over to where the source of the shout was from and found another one of my team mates on the floor, a poor Volt, holding his left side of the stomach trying to keep his organs in spot, by was failing. Blood was laid all around him, along with the innards of my companion. "Go!" He yelled, after pulling out his Vasto and preparing to shoot at the unknown monster. My only guess is that the Monster could somehow send projectiles to us, ones big enough to make a six inch hole! We ran, after hearing loud thuds from a room away. Just two more rooms. 


I ran as fast as I could. I didn't want to die today. Not here. Didn't I deserve better? I heard gun shots, followed by a scream of anguish. Let my companion rest in peace... I looked up to notice that Extraction was only one room away, I could barely see it from this distance. This gave me a smile of hope, a hope that I could survive. I smiled and faced the... what... 


I was looking at the dead body of a headless Rhino. My heart skipped a beat. I started to sweat, cold sweat, and I started to run as fast as possible. "I don't want to die! I don't want to die..." I whispered to myself quietly, crying as I did so. Until I felt a sharp, cold, pain from my left leg, then felt nothing from it. I faced planted onto the floor and tried to get up. I tried to use my left leg, but it was in vain. I slowly started to see my leg. It was cut off, cleanly. I couldn't run like this... I let out a faint scream and started to crawl to the extraction. I felt cold steel bite down into my only leg left. I screamed out in pain and reached out to try to take off the thing that was pinning it to the grown... to my surprise it was a leg. I looked up to see where it was coming from... a Grineer. One I have never seen before. There was three of them. The one pinning me held a giant shield and a Marelok pistol. It asked another one,


"Are we sure these are the targets? They seem so inconsequential."


"Look at how shiny it is! It surely must be," the other responded, placing a massive Hek on his shoulder. 


"Just kill it, just kill it!" Another one replied, swinging a giant Manticore around in fury. 


The one with the shield snickered and looked at me, "You are beneath us." He moved his Marelok to my head and slowly started to pull the trigger. 


"No." I said, crying. My mask was cracked, revealing one of my eyes. I looked at the Grineer with my real eyes. 


"No? Do not waste my time, Tenno!" It screamed at my angrily. Another with the Hek placed a hand on its shoulder and said to it,


"Wait. We must at least capture one. This one seems to speak, I'm sure it could tell the other Tenno about us. We'll place a bolt and head out." It looked at me and grabbed my head, pulling me up. "You are with luck." It grabbed a strange looking device from its back and placed it on my remaining leg, and threw me on the ground again. "Crawl to your home now, like the slugs you Tenno are." 

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