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All I Want To Do Is Play Dark Sector Missions


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It will always be this way, until DE makes changes. People are going to want their rail up, even if it does nothing for them...they will always be contested.


I don't see my fellow compatriots able to do anything of importance in the Dark Sector conflict, yet, I see all day small clans eager to form an alliance.

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It will get better in time, sort of.  Right now, too many of the rails are sync'd.  They went up at the same time.  They got into conflict at the same time.  48 hours later, the conflict ended.  And 24 hours after that, conflict begins again.


If DE can figure out the right numbers for how much damage a rail can take and alliances can actually put forth decent battle pay, then conflicts won't last the full 48.  And that means the various nodes will wind up staggered.  And then we'll have a third of the nodes available and the other two thirds down.


That obviously does not exist now.  The current batch of conflicts sit mostly at 100% vs 100%, with little to no incentive for players to want to run the missions.  Even if you don't mind the abysmal rewards for doing the missions, you get no sense of progress.  Heck, I ran three for one of the occupants of Pluto, just as a thanks for the 0% tax rate.  Made no difference in the meter though, so why should I bother?


DE could probably cut the requirements for rail conflicts down to a tenth of what they are now, just to get some interest going and to break up the sync'ing, and then bump 'em back up if needed.  Too low would be better than too high at the start.  Unfortunately, we're stuck with too high.


That said, do wish the "rail build" pre-invasion time was 48 hours rather than the current 24.

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-People want to play Dark Sectors

-Warlords want to get money from these people

-Warlords contest a Rail,therefore making players unable to play

-Players can´t play,they can´t pay tax

"Ninja Politics"

Honestly, that sounds about like normal politics, too.

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I'm going to be flat out honest here.


I truly don't give a damn if theres resource tax, or any kind of tax in general, i just want to (holy hell grenade insert angry word here) farm in the dark sectors because its nice to finally be out of the usual scenery that ODD gives us, also the xp benefits, but we are never gonna get those because people just want their (holy hell grenade) name in the map.


This needs some serious fixing. There's no motivation to fight for either side, we just want the conflict to be over and done so that we can indulge ourselves in the golden juices of the dark sectors, but there's NEVER any peace time, 


Also it kinda hurts seeing tenno succumb to fighting with each other, seeing that they are the ones supposed to keep the balance, when they are the ones sparring for space and treasure. It's quite appalling actually. DE better have a good explanation of this in the future, and they better fix it.


Concept is cool, execution, not very.

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The concept of solar rails and dark sectors is cool.  The idea has potential.  But due to a tremendously horrible and ill thought out execution it's all but DOA for 99% of players.


I am a big DE supporter, i really like their game and will readily defend them on many things.  Which is why i feel the need to point out that this was really really really badly done.  There is no motivation to defend rails... no mission reward beside what clans pony up... LOL good luck with that.  Not being able to run dark sectors on average for at least as long and up to twice as long as  they are open to run due to conflicts, well that just kinda defeats the purpose. bringing me to, what is the impetus to try and win a conflict, 24 hours of potential tax that won't be near enough to fend off the next attack?  Immediate challenges upon the end of a previous challenge, good job on keeping them locked up for as much time as is possible.  Not to mention how very dull and routine mission that the sabotages are (the specters are cool though keep them)


My point is this, the implementation has failed as it stands.   There needs to be a drastic rework on how often you can actual run the dark sectors (maybe not lock them while in conflict).  There needs to be a rework in the conflict missions, a base reward at least that battle pay stacks on and some variety in the potential missions.  There needs to be some protection for a victor even if it's a 6-12 hours of cool down time before someone can initiate a new challenge countdown.  


There has to be a lot of motivation added because right now, it's frustrating, boring, and annoying where there could be intrigue, community interaction and endgame.

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Plus, Dark Sectors should have unique tiles. Visual repetition is a terrible thing to inflict on "end game" content.


Akkad Eris is a God send, The Reincarnation of Xini, The map we all loved and begged for.


but yes OP, I agree 100%, I REALLY want to play some Dark Sector nodes, but I can't because Logic.



They should increase the deploy time to 36hrs. And decrease the conflict time to 36hrs aswell.


5 day cooldown time + 1 day deploy time, with a max of 1 day for conflict.


1 whole day of the worst Sabotage mission, then 6 days of Dark Sector farmin.

On top of that, Nodes that have Taxes could collect a Reasonable amount of Tax, and Free Rails can collect enough resources to withstand another attack.



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