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Tenno Grenades Idea


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So, the other day, one of my lower ranked buddies got pretty angry over some Corpus spamming grenades at him. He said something along the lines of "So, the enemy mooks get grenades that they tend to use on just one guy, but we don't get grenades to use on the huge hoards of enemies we face?" And to me, it seems like a valid point. So I thought, and thought for a while, and refined this idea of giving players grenades.


So, here are some basic ideas I have:

-Grenades would be gear, like health restores, scanners, ect. and would be equipped just like Codex scanners

-They would be either impact detonated or on a 3 second fuse, possibly a fuse that activates when it hits a surface. Or, it could be a combo: a 3 second fuse starts if it hits a surface, but it instantly detonates if it hits an enemy.

-There would be multiple types of grenades. My idea would be to have one for each core damage and core element type. So we would have fragmentation (slash), high explosive (impact), needle (puncture), incendiary (heat), cryo (ice), static (electric), and poison (toxin). Perhaps even elemental combo grenades could be added?
-Like restores, you would buy blueprints for these grenades, and the blueprints would be re-useable. Perhaps make the core damage grenades buyable in the shop, but the elemental damage grenades would be clan-tech.


These are just some basic ideas that I have. I just wanted to throw it to the wall and see if it would stick with anyone. I'm fully open to suggestions, constructive criticism, whatever. I just thought it was a neat idea and wanted to share it.

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The problem with grenades, and even DE has said this is their official stance, is that our powers take their place.

Look at this this way:

Why play Ember if any frame, such as Rhino, can bring along incendiary grenades (replaces fireball) that leave a burning patch on the ground (replaces fire blast)? And do it much safer and at far more range than an Ember could?

Why play Excalibur if any frame can bring along a flash bang and blind enemies?

Why play Volt if any frame can bring along an electric grenade?

Why play Saryn if any frame can bring along a toxic grenade?

Why play Frost if any frame can bring along a cryo grenade?

For nearly any grenade that you could think of we have at least one Frame ability that already has that effect.

Allowing any frame to be able to use essentially those abilities would marginalize some frames even more.

There isn't any need to bring along grenades of our own considering we have our powers.

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in fact we will have grenade once the proxy war come out (Dixit) DE



seem some Grineer group will give grenade BP as reward for some quest




look at things like this


You meet G.G aka Genius the Genie



Genius  The Genie in The Lamp ask you:




Tsukinoki : Nah That's cool dude , i have grenades


G.G: ♠Magical Facepalm♠





















What if grenade use a WF slot just like normal powers?

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