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You know what would REALLY go well with Hydroid? a trident!


Specifically spears and tridents with pokey actions in their combos, with puncture damage as their main physical damage dealer. Here is the deal with melee:

Since 2.0, almost every dagger other than the Fang and Fang Prime has transitioned into a slash damage. Does make more sense, although frankly I would like it best if melee's wouldn't just do impact or slash.

Heck even the Scindo when, realistically should do SOME puncture damage, is instead almost purely slash, although I can lay that one off.


Really what I would have expected there to be is a trident or a spear a long side with Hydroid. Of course requesting that from the devs a couple of weeks before 2.0 is published is too much. But why should there be a spear or a trident?

Trident, because hydroid, and both really just to provide a heavy weapon with puncturing ability. Most poles act like a staff or big mace balls at the end which kinda doesn't deliver variety. If you can also pull off puncture on a dual weapon that'd be nice, although frankly even I am confused as to how it could work.


And I have done some research behind it, spears and Tridents, although mainly weren't made to puncture armor, they have the highest potential. If we were to take ballistics which acts quite the same only with much greater kinetic energy, Ball ammo has what warframe would call "slash" and since it is so small and so round it is able to pass through a target's flesh without causing a big amount of damage, as opposed to FMJ bullets they are point, and therefore most of the force is focused on a single point which is what delivers the most of the puncture, it is weaker on flesh and stops when in contact with flesh becuase once the pointy head has hit the target almost all the force is gone, so the bullet tends to stay. The main point? You can have a ferrite and alloy armor, but it won't help against FMJ bullets, in fact it would probably make you weaker to FMJ's, which is why we should have a melee Puncture against Grineer, especially because melee 2.0, since it was released it is a good alternative for gun play.

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You're not making the right point. The right point is:


We have Dragon Nikana, a sheathed katana, for massive Slash Damage to fight Infested really well. Jet Kitty, a rocket hammer, for massive Impact Damage to fight Corpus really well. We need a cool spear and/or trindent to fight Grineer really well.


This is the right point to make.

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