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How To Make Melee Feel 20X More Responsive Easily. (Reply To This Post To Help Keep It Alive)


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Right now, when you melee, you cant do anything until that animation finishes. And it feels REALLY REALLY unresponsive.

Part of a good combat system is how responsive the combat feels.


Sure melee 2.0 is fun and all, but when you melee, you're stuck in the melee animation until it finishes, and you can't block or dodge. A simple change that will make Melee so much better would be to allow the player to block or dodge whenever they want. (Like mid animation)

It'll also make dodging even more used.





I really hope this gets added, and also if you agree and want this to be seen by the Devs, you could...

1. +1 This post

2. Reply to this post. (Like seriously, reply. Without replies, the thread will die off and DE wont ever see this again)

3. Don't just +1 this post, reply to it too. 

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I agree only to an extent. How so?


I design and animate games, and when I set up events to signify the "end" of the attack animation in a real-time combat game, I always put it before the end of the actual animation. The reason for this is to allow the player to interrupt the end of an animation if he presses certain buttons, but if he doesn't press anything, or he presses something insignificant (like a mark target button), then the animation continues.


Warframe seems to have all their events at the very end of the animations, without special interrupt code, so what happens is we have to sit through all the little animation before we have control again. This feels bad.


DE needs to slide the existing events earlier (there must be events in whatever animation tools they are using or even worse they don't have events and always wait till the animation finishes :S ). I don't think it's a good idea to allow blocking and dodging any time. Most modern action games don't allow it at any time, and it doesn't feel bad at all. It feels like each move has its risks, and you need to time them accordingly (e.g. God of War, Ninja Gaiden, DMC, these games didn't have instant dodging/blocking either, but rather their interrupts were lenient). Each move needs to define the action phase, and the follow through. I know some weapons have this already, which is how the gram's charge had a much longer anti-stun segment than the galatine, for instance. DE just needs to define these for every melee weapon's attacks. I know that's an undertaking, but the work on each one is very quick. The testing will take a little longer only to see if the events need to be slid around.



Define an "end" event for each melee attack anim, which is placed before the actual end of the full animation. Once this event fires, the user may interrupt the animation with whatever DE thinks is important (dodging, blocking, moving?).

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Dodge and Block canceling works in more elaborate systems because they're more elaborate systems, and even the games where it exists, it usually either cancels the whole move altogether, or costs a buttload of stamina/meter.


Part of the problem is also that DE made all those attacks have so damn long animations(pretty, but not functional).

Another part is that the game dosen't seem to buffer the inputs right, so unless you input the dodge after the attack, you'll have to input it again.

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This is why I hate using the Plasma Sword. It uses animations that are designed for much faster weapons, but because it is so slow, it takes forever for its longer attack animations to end. Using the Taking Flight combo on the Iron Phoenix stance leaves you stuck with almost two seconds of recovery at the end, even with a max ranked Fury installed.


I also really do not like that you are stuck either moving at one speed, or not moving at all during this time as well. It is really aggravating to have to wait so long to start attacking again, but you have also most likely walked straight past your target and straight off a cliff by then.


Also, on a related topic: The forced sheathing animation bug is still present as well. If you are in the middle of a melee attack when you land, you sometimes have to wait through the entire animation of your Warframe sheathing your melee weapon before you can attack again. This is not so much of a problem if you have your melee equipped, because then you quickly go back to your idle stance instead of fully putting your weapon away. But if you are using quick melee, it is definitely a problem. So once again, this is much worse with longer animations.

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Maybe not blocking, but several games (DmC,Darksouls,NinjaGaiden just to name a few) have dodging cancel animations which makes the game feel a lot more intuitive. Besides, there are way too many knockdowns in the game, having a way to counter it with good timing allows us to keep that combo meter flowing.

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