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Is There A Way To Remove A Catalyst/reactor?



Well when i was a lower level i bought a Reactor and put it into ember before i knew much about primes and now i have ember and her prime but her prime doesn't have a catalyst. Is there a way to transfer the Reactor and Catalyst in the case of weapons?

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I'd start working on building another one.

I almost fell into this same exact pitfall (with the same set of frames, too! Yay Ember!) Thankfully I had the foresight to save the ONE catalyst I had lying around. (I forgot where I even got it).

Catalysts are for weapon. You need reactor for warframe.

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i'm afraid those items cannot be removed. however, they pop up in Alerts now and again, and after Streams, so if you're a little patient you can get one.


alternatively, if you have some Mods or Parts that are desirable, you can sell them for Platinum, and buy one yourself.



get another one! they are only 20 plat OMG, also, YOU made the mistake, accept the consequences.

you're a moron. 

sh*t attitude in, sh*t attitude out.

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That's what I meant.

I... still don't have all the terms down. I only learned what primes were a few days ago. Still not sure how they're any better. Just shinier.

Prime Warframes are mainly just shinier, which does make them better by a factor of 1337%.




Seriously though, Prime Warframes mainly just have an extra polarity for modding, and rarely a small stat increase, like Excalibur Prime's shield regeneration boost or Rhino Prime's faster speed. Prime weapons, on the other hand, are statistically better than their non-prime counterparts almost 100% of the time.

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