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Melee Skills And Combo Counts


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So far as I can discern, at this time, none of the existing melee skills combo count.


That is, slash dash, blade storm, hysteria... none of them seem to count towards the combo count.


I've also heard various reports of people seeing hysteria's damage actually lowered now that m2.0 is here.


Perhaps these need to be addressed?

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I agree. They said they were going to look at hysteria after m2.0 was released but there are indeed other skills that could benefit from it.


I hear a lot of people saying how Ash needs to be tweaked and this may just help out blade storm instead of changing the skill up.


Also slash dash would be extremely useful if you can keep the counter while dashing. Allowing your counter to go up by hitting many enemies in a line. Or dashing from one crowd to another without having the counter go away as well as having slash dash take full effect of the counter making it scale higher.

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