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Weapon Concepts: Grineer And Tenno Whips.


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Grineer Whip: Cerberus.


High impact damage, with moderate slash damage and little puncture.


A heavy three-headed flail, each head a heavy steel column with barbed spikes/blades distributed along its length. Slow attacks, large per-hit damage, and (maybe) up to 3 hits per individual swing (That combine to the total damage. So if 100 physical damage, each hit would do 33.33 damage). Moderate-high proc chance.


Lore: The Grineer, when faced with the Corpus Lecta, felt they needed an impressive show of might with equivalent range and the ability to effortlessly bash through corpus energy shields. After much experimentation, they perfected the internal propulsion systems needed to allow the deadly Cerberus to reach equal ranges with its comparatively heavy three-headed columns without needing excessive personal modification to one's upper body to reel in the heads after attacks. Several clashes showed that the Cerberus, though brutal and aesthetically crude by comparison, was one of the deadliest weapons of its class.


Tenno Whip: Sanguinium


Evenly spread Slash and Puncture, low Impact, moderate high attack speed, high status chance.


Aesthetically similar to a standard longsword, when in use the blade breaks into segments connected by an energy-based cable (Think a sci-fi version of Ivy's weapon from Soulcalibur).


Lore: Advancements in metallurgy have allowed the Sanguinium to be constructed almost as easily as a standard longsword. The greatest difference lies in the deployment of the weapon, in which the central column of energy along the blade elongates, and the seams in the blade give way to reveal a deadly whip with cutting edges distributed along the entire length of the cable instead of simply on the tip. While its modest damage at first glance suggests weakness, its true strength lies in its namesake: It can effortlessly cause bleeding with its many edges, and its lightweight and sturdy construction allows for swift and unrelenting strikes that can rend flesh from bone rapidly.


Let me know how you guys like this. I've been waiting for so long with bated breath for new whips, and I figure if these ideas can help DE I'd be proud of helping them populate one of my favorite weapon types.

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I've been curious what a Grineer whip could be like. And the Tenno Whip-sword has been asked for time and time again. The Tenno whip could alternatively be a kusarigama. Maybe use the Kama as a base for building it.

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Why not Impact/Cold, because cold does even more to shields C=

Cold is a Corpus thing, it's also anti-alloy and they have a freeze ray type thingie coming soon!


Fire is Grineer territory (Ignis) and they need moar!


Also because I <3 Ember Prime and I like to use Grineer weapons on her, such as Ignis, so I need more Grineer weapons that do fire damage. >.>

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