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Saryn Build Help



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also depends on the sorts of mods you have and the mod level your at.



Personally I use, Energy siphon, Fleeting expertise 1 from the top, Streamline 1 from the top, Flow, Continuity, Intensify, stretch, 45% overextended, and Miasma spam




its a pretty decent sized miasma that lasts 4 seconds and only cost 25 energy, you can mash it for more damage or use the 4 second stun to shoot.

Molt is a poor mans iron skin if you just stand in it or a distraction.


http://goo.gl/Vkkexo  for more damage on miasma but its actually more damage to have a 25 energy miasma and cast it twice, since they stack



a 2800 damage miasma that costs 25 energy does more damage than a at 4300 miasma that cost 65 energy

as you get 5600 damage for 50 energy by casting twice.



reduction in energy cost gives more damage, so Blind rage is not the answer on saryn


and don't take it past 27% energy cost

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Saryn is most effective at Miasma spam. Hopefully a build for Contagion/Venom will be more useful in Melee 2.0.


Miasma is most effective damage wise at a minimal duration, so -65% is perfect.


Builds for higher levels, when you cant kill with Miasma, extend duration and ditch power strength in order to maximize the use of Miasma as a stun - but really, you're better off just using XCal.

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