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Loki Players May I Join You?



Yep . I was saving my plat for a slot for hydroid but there's too much grind involveld.


So i'm getting loki next. only starter frame I haven't tried out yet.



Build advice?


Is Narrow minded a must?


Is overextended useful with him?


Show me your builds and prove to me that loki is master race as you keep saying >:)

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Can't really show you my build since it's anything but optimal or even average... I don't have any Corrupted mods for example.

Only thing I know is it's probably dependent on what you intend to do with it, in my knowledge there are two main uses for Loki: permanent invisibility, for which you'll want to max power duration first and foremost, and Radial Disarm for team-based Defense farming, for which you'll want max power range. Narrow minded for the first only, of course, and Overextended for the second.


I personally only use Loki for some bosses and speedrunning easy alerts and the like, so I just slap a maxed Rush on him and Continuity + Constitution for max Invis time without Corrupted mods, fill the rest with the usual.


In any case, just my two cents, someone more master race than me will have better advice.

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If your looking to do an invis build then a narrow minded (preferably maxed) makes a massive difference. With an energy siphon you'll be able to be permenantly invis even on solo missions. As for overextended its very useful if you're making a radial disarm build.


I'm a bit lazy so ill just list my invis build:


Energy Siphon

Narrow Minded (max)

Constitution (max)

Fleeting Expertise (R3)

Continuity (max)

Redirection (max)

Streamline (max)

Invisibility (max)


That should leave you with 12 mod point to use as you wish.

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If you decided to use narrow-minded then yes.


IMO don't leave a skill behind use all 4, they synergize too well to leave one behind.

Flow is a must. Don't use redirection/vitality on him. That's it, just add whatever mods that suit your playstyle.


iirc i got Rush, Quick Rest, Marathon, QT, Flow and streamline on.

I play parry melee utility.

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First of all, congratulations on choosing one of the best frames in the game. When you get the perfect builds for him you will see his value. ^^


Now, Loki has 2 main Builds: Eternal Invisibility and God Mode.


Eternal Invisibility: You only use 2 skills, Invisibility and Decoy. You focus entirely on duration, so Narrow Minded is a must. Range is useless in this build, so don't worry about it. Don't use Fleeting Expertise, as it shortens duration and this 2 skills don't cost too much. Use only Streamline for that. Basically you will be able to be invisible all the time and to focus all the fire in one point with Decoy, giving you all the time you need to kill the enemies around you.

More stamina and/or speed would be interesting, as you will be the perfect reviver and being able to reach downed allies will be crucial.


God Mode: You will use 3 skills at much, but only one will be your main one. Radial Disarm, Invisibility and Decoy. The first one is the main one. With it and all the range you can put in you will render all your enemies weapons useless. They will be forced to melee you, so you will have a huge advantage. Climb on high places (Boxes, walls, lamps, you name it) so they can't hit you at all and take your time in killing them or run in circles while shooting. In case of emergency, you can use a short duration Invisibility or Decoy to get out of trouble.

As said before, in here Range is everything. Don't worry about Power Strengh, Loki does not use that. And you must lower your cost all you can. A 40% Fleeting Expertise and a Streamline would be perfect.


If you are interested, I can show you my builds, but I think with this you get the general idea.

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My current Lowkey load out is a jack of all trades Lowkey. Decent invisible time, decent disarm range, and a world of hurt with my primary/melee weapons.


I have the Swindle Helmet (cus it looks bad &#! and so much better than the other fugly horny helmet), Mod wise I went with Continuity + Constitution for 18 second invisibility, Overextended for +90% power range along with the power range extender for the swindle helm, streamline for power eff, flow for max energy, the rest I build for survivability cause hes squish as hell. Power wise I take invis, decoy, disarm, and forgo switch teleport. 


So to answer your questions, Narrow minded is not a must, overextended is very useful as none of his abilities are affected by ability power and can only benefit from the extra range. 


I play him by disarming mobs, dropping decoy in a hard to reach/shoot location, and continue to DPS the mobs all the while staying invisible. The energy orbs that will drop from the mobs should be able to keep your energy up without have to take fleeting expertise which has a negative effect on power duration. 



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