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Glaive Can No Longer Be Effectively Thrown


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Trying to throw the glaive now results in almost a 100% chance of stagger on yourself, while charging the throw.


In that half a second while you're trying to throw it, any damage you take instantly staggers you. Pretty sure this is a bug.


Test it out yourself.


Get some grineer shooting you and try throw the glaive at them. Enjoy your stagger.


*Edit* Further notes: this only happens when charging the glaive throw with a weapon in your hand. With the glaive in your hand, you can effectively charge and throw without being insta-staggered.


The stagger also procs on the FIRST SWING of your combo when you draw the glaive. So if you have your rifle in your hands, and then try to swing the glaive and take damage, you stagger. If you swing, and then swing again, you aren't staggered by damage.

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Kestrel does it too. This is really annoying and makes the weapon almost useless for quick melee. Even when swinging if I press the melee button just a fraction too long I get staggered. Which happens often because you apparently need Barry Allen's fingers to swing fast enough to avoid the stagger. If it weren't for that I'd use that as my primary blunt damage weapon. Love how the character adjusts their hands position to catch it as it comes back.

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