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Lucid: The Aura Frame


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Something that all Tenno search for, sacred aura mods. Only a Tenno that has taken the aura within himself can became one with his Frame. Lucid is the only Tenno to accomplish this feat. At the cost of his eyes, Lucid sees using the auras of the living things around him. Lucid comes with a special aura mod called "Aura Master" that doubles all aura mods effectiveness that are in use. Using the aura as his guide, he demolishes his enemies with swift and decisive blows.







Polarities: Attack and Tactic

Aura: Tactic


1st Ability-Aura Ball: Launch a ball of aura that explodes on contact. 

Cost: 0/1/2/3

Power Strength: 150/250/350/450

Power Range: 15/19/23/27 M

Energy Cost: 25


2nd Ability-Supreme Speed: Increase the attack speed of melee weapons for a set duration.


Power Duration: .25/.56/.95/1.44 % increase in attack speed for 10/14/18/22 Sec.

Energy cost: 50


3rd Ability- Aural Blind: Using concentrated aura, you blind any nearby enemies for a set duration.


Power Range: 8/11/14/17 M

Power Duration: 7/9/11/13 Seconds Blinded

Energy Cost: 75

*Blinded enemies have greatly reduced accuracy.


4th Ability-Aura Bomb:Launch a huge sphere of aura that sucks in enemies and explodes.

Cost: 10/11/12/13

Power Strength: 1500/2000/2500/3000 (+10 x 2) deals Blast and Radiation damage.

Power Range: 8/11/14/17 M

Energy Cost: 100

*The bomb moves in a straight line and doesn't explode until it hits a wall.

*Power Range affects how close an enemy must be before it gets sucked in.

*For every 10 enemies sucked in, the base damage of the bomb doubles.


I'm not completely sure if Aura bomb is a bit OP or not. I'd really like some feedback on it. Any suggestions are welcome. Be sure to check my other Frame concepts.






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super generic bit off moves with unbalanced stats or in a nicer version stats to strong abilitys are really weak and taken with execption of the 4th being way to strong

Edit: then here we go

stats 1 you need run speed no one really cares about stamina 2 zephyr was the first to ever go past the usual cap of having at least 1 health/shield over 100 but she had the lowest armor which kinda make up for it but not by much so in short lower the health or shield 3 you got no energy we only got 2 types 100 which goes to 150 max and 150 that goes to 225 max 4 you got no maxed stats people like to see what they got to work with at lvl 30 100 goes to 300, 75 goes to 225 and 150 goes to 450


1 1st extremly standard not aura like its like embers fire ball I'd change to something aura like 2 2nd is the same as speed from volt melee speed and move speed you could make it into an agro type of aura and have in increase damage of weapons (rhino has something like that with power strength only I think so not biting) 3 3rd is like radial blind from excal but weaker so cant use that plus radial blind is a 2nd type move so this one couldnt even be a 3rd 4 4th is way to strong, stomp only does 800 at max lvl and 1800 with maximization so turn that way down along with that is a movable vortex from vauban again it was taken 5 range is insane on a lot volts overload which has about the highest range in the game is only 20m so turn that down. I can't give you much suggestion on the ability mainly because you need to change the whole thing its broke, hard, all the moves are knock off with insane range and damage so I just suggest rethinking the whole ability thing

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1st one is just ember's 1st ability, it could be changed to move slower, and act like Mass Effect's Incinerate, chasing a target when it gets close enough.


2nd one sounds fine, is it an aura? if so you need a range on it, or is it Blessing-esque with infinite range? If it's solo it's strong enough as is, if it's an aura than it needs a slight debuff in time, if it's infinite range like blessing, it needs a little debuff for power AND duration.


3rd one is literally Radial Blind with the word Radial replaced with Aural. Why not have it as a different form of crowd control? a toss-up, or slow/knockdown. something that'll have the same controlling effect, with a different style.


4th one, as previously mentioned by my colleague above, is a little strong. Again, referencing Mass Effect; Shock wave acts similar to what you want, but give it a high gravity (enemies can only be effected by 1 gravity field) so enemies take damage, and are tossed around, and you can keep the "enemies effected increase damage".

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