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Need Help For Loki Build



Hi! I have been playing warframe for about 2 months now but i still feel like a noob. I can't build my Loki properly. I maxed mod my invisibility and radial disarm. i have a boltor,grakata, latron and braton as primary weapons(all ranked 30),dex furis and magnus as secondary weapons, dual heat swords, dark dagger and an orthos as melee weapons. I also have a shadow as sentinel. Is there anything i'm missing??my Loki uses redirection and vitality as the only mods.i don't know what else to add. Can anyone please help??Especially with the mods of Loki and the mods of the weapons??Thanks!

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Streamline is critical, to use abilities more often. Continuity will help you stay invisible for longer, and Stretch and Over Extended is very important for making Radial Disarm more effective.


After adding those 4, I'd look into adding Fleeting Expertise (great for RD, ok for Invis) and/or Flow and/or Constitution.


Check out this thread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/219996-guideloki-masterrace-guide-to-defense-missions/

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duration duration duration

the longer you make your invis last the better , as a new player dont worry about radial disarm

so continuity and narrow minded , add a rush and a flow with a streamline

if you have room add vitality

if you can find it add constitution , some of these mods are hard to find but with a little farming

decoy is the only other ability i use , this build has no forma on it

the enemy cannot hit effectively what it cannot see

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