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Clan Name Change Help



So I'm about to change my clan name and wanted to know if when I click the "submit" button after choosing one, will it tell me if the clan name is already taken without taking 200 platinum?


I've had bad experiences in games before like this so I just wanted to know before hand. I don't wanna choose a name that's already in use just so it can tell me and take my 200 platinum. 

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Lol and that Tenno will be me immortal the way it worked for me was I clicked the button to change it and when I clicked the button to change it, only after it was all confirmed was the plats taken from my account, meaning it will not take your plats if the name is taken you will get a pop-up saying name taken and you will have to think up a new name or try caps and spaces to work your way around it only after the name is untaken and you click confirm will it take your plats

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