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New Abilities For All Frames?


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It would take a lot of thought to even come up with more powers for each frame, then you have to design them (without making them OP), so I suppose not.

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I prefer the D3 rune system (and without the RNG of hunting em !).

You can change skills into something different but still familiar.


For example.




Leaves a trail of small twisters that deal X% damage over 3 seconds in your wake as you zoom across.


Force pull

Pulls in the closest 5 enemies with you and drag them along as you fly dealing X% damage over time.



Any mobs hit while flying through lets you stun them for 3 seconds.



Iron Skin


Deflects 50% of incoming damage back to source.



Enemies that melee Rhino in iron skin will get stunned for 3 seconds.


Iron rule

All allies gains iron skin for 30 seconds when you first cast.

Hp of allies iron skin is same as yours.



Corpse explosion

Desecrated corpses have a chance of exploding, dealing 50% of the original targets hp as fire damage in an 8 yard radius.




Desecrated corpses have a chance of spawning melee skeletons.

Skeletons last 12 seconds and deal damage based on corpse level.

Not affected by power duration.




I am sure DE can get creative.

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Since Melee 2.0 i've been thinking on how hard it would be to make ability mods that imbue your weapon with a special effects that are specific to your frame. For example Hydroid, adding his Undertow effect on his melee weapon so the next enemy he hits turns into a Puddle trap instead of himself. The Undertow weapon mod wouldn't be equip able if the normal one was equiped. its the silliest of ideas and wouldn't be done due to balancing and thinking about what could work and what couldn't. 


So new ability mods...i would like new ones. While it happen who knows.

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