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Join Elysium Noire! 5 Years Running Strong! Looking For A Clan With A Fun, Helpful And Hilarious Player Base? We Got You Covered, Join Today!


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Hello! My IGN is Xiberes, I play on at least 3~5 days per week and will be glad to join the clan so i can enjoy the game more =D



Hello, I joined Warframe about 4 days ago (although the acc is much older) and im now looking for a clan to join. Can you shoot me an invite? IGN: Oricalofbro



This sounds like the perfect clan for me since I just came back after a long break. If you're still open for recruits, my IGN is MrToffou. Thanks =).

Invite sent guys! Welcome to the Noire. ;) And make yourself at home. :)

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please message me and tell me how to quit my clan and join yours if it's pretty active, i'm getting annoyed with my current clan nobody ever is up for void/derelict missions so i can never get blueprints ;p

Open clan management, right click your IGN and click leave clan. :)

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