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Which Warframe Is Suit For Close Combat?



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the worst warframe suited for close combact name few

First this: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/248135-ps4-trophies-warframe-bug-keeping-me-out-of-the-contest/#entry2877967

Now this post... Are you trying to get as many posts as you can by derailing every thread?



Rhino: Iron Skin and Roar work wonders in CQC

Valkyr: Frame made for berserking

Loki and Ash: Nice meele multipliers while invisible

Volt (yes, Volt): Very high shields, and his Speed makes you swing your weapons faster.

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Ash - Melee is integral to using his abilities to their fullest extent since the buff. Blade Storm is affected by combo multipliers, Teleport automatically prompts for Parry Finishers (6x multiplier on most weapons), and, of course, Smokescreen has its stagger and 4x stealth multipliers. Ash has arguably the most potential for aggressive in-your-face melee play than any Warframe in the game.


Excalibur - Underrated as hell, yet ridiculously effective with Radial Blind and a mobile melee weapon such as the Amphis or Bo Prime. Melee Mode can easily outperform gunplay depending on the user's playstyle, and even if gunplay is preferred, his mobility allows Quick Melee to remain incredibly formidable.

(Personally, I find it much easier to solo Defense-type missions with a Clashing Forest Amphis in hand than any gun in the game.)


Loki - Honestly, kind of overrated when it comes to pure melee. Far too squishy to make use of dedicated Melee Mode (his Quick Melee potential is already top-tier and he has little need for health-draining, so switching to Melee Mode offers very little advantage at the cost of all ranged combat), and his abilities shine the most when both Ranged and Melee attacks are being utilized together.

Guns and swords are Loki's bread and butter; it's just not complete when both aren't being used at the same time. He doesn't have the offensive potential of Ash when in dedicated melee mode, but his ridiculous mobility and crowd manipulation abilities, which are designed to seamlessly blend ranged and melee combat, make him the Quick Melee god of the game.


(EDIT: Forgot about Valkyr, but I haven't used her yet so I have no idea what the experience is like. XD)




These are my top picks for powerful Melee attackers. Frames like Volt also use Melee quite well (usually at its best when complementing gunplay, rather than replacing it), but the lack of ability to force Stealth multipliers makes the usefulness fade somewhat against tankier enemies.

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