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[Broken] Conclave Mod Ratings*


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as above, channeling mods do not list conclave though they do affect it.

for instance, Corrupt Charge gives +10 conclave when maxed.




Stance mods do not show conclave but increase conclave rating by 1, or at least dervish does.




Auras give different conclaves as well, but none have them listed. energy siphon gives +1, rifle amp +20, steal charge +10.


also of note:



at max, Melee prowess is the highest conclave (50) for any melee weapon... WHY???


*may be wrong section, i couldn't decide between conclaves or general.

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I was just noticing this myself.   Mostly that "Melee Prowess" is so darned high up there, at 50 maxed out, and the special event mods Virulent Scourge, Volcanic Edge, and Voltaic strike, are all rated at 20 maxed out while making the fore mentioned Melee Prowess obsolete for be so comparatively weak.

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