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Yes, Another Vauban Post...


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Dear DE, i know Alerts are RNG but the Helmet is appearently excluded from that drop pool. It LITERALLY hasn't dropped since March 18th, 2014. That means today marks the 3 MONTH anniversary of this drops absence. What i'm asking is can you please please make it a Gift From the Lotus or a scheduled alert because not only is it many people's last part it's obviously been missing for sometime. And i have tracked many Alert Bots Posts from Twitter/Facebook to confirm it's last drop was March 18th, and i will post a screenshot in my next post. Thank you and DE please consider this and try to make it happen.

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I just checked all of May 29th and all i saw were alternative helmets, i'm pretty sure they wouldn't  miss an alert like that, and even if they did someon would comment on it. Plus i've been up since May 30th day and night waiting for this helm. chassis and systems have dropped about 2 times each but no helmet. 


EDIT: I'm seeing one for May 28th

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The Chassis piece hasn't come up in a long time. @.@ I've had the Helmet and Systems for about like 3 weeks. Not that I'm complaining because I like the game and play a lot but it'd be nice if random Vauban Pieces at least appeared 2-3 times a week.

You obviously don't play enough.










These are all within the past week.

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