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Aegis - The "earth" Frame


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   just a fun thought i had and im not saying this needs to be a thing but just wanted to see what people thought of it.

i am well aware some of these are similar to other abilities just with different themes and such but its not like there isnt already similar cases.


power 1a = Lifter = Manipulates the ground beneath a targeted enemy and forces them into the air via sudden rise of the ground with great force that hits with Blast damage (to induce rag-doll). power range effects the size of the raised earth allowing it to potentially hit adjacent enemies. duration has no effect. strength improves damage.


power 1b = Mudshot = Launches a volatile stone projectile at the enemy that explodes upon contact causing knockdown (blast damage probably). 


power 2a = Fissure = slams their fists into the ground causing a line of destruction ahead of him knocking enemies back (impact stagger or again blast effect) 


power 2b = landslide = send stone. rubble, and debris into the air and then it down upon the area selected causing an area denial effect that can proc impact or slash effects. affected by duration, power and range mods. 


power 3a = stonewall = creates a wall of stone that cannot be walked through (but can be climbed/jumped onto) with high armor and health that lasts will either it is destroyed or duration of effect wears off. range effects wall size, strength raises base health/armor some.


power 3b =  Crater = (Aerial) Quickly plummets to the ground where upon impact causes a moderate wave of destruction that rag-dolls the enemies and potentially sets them ablaze. strength and range mods applicable.


power 4a = Shatter Hold = Surrounds the target in a large suit of volatile stone that slows and confuses the enemy. upon taking enough damage (from Tenno or enemies) creates a large explosion of stone shrapnel potentially causing bleed effects with a high chance. 


power 4b = Quake armor = covers you and adjacent Tenno in a protective earthen armor that reduces damage (affected by power strength) for a set amount of time or until it is shattered from damage. when it fades, a pulse of volatile earthen energy shoots out of the Tenno and staggers/rag-dolls any enemies nearby and causes some damage.


again this was just for fun and i have no idea if any of these are plausible. but feel free to expand upon any ideas listed here. maybe something will come of it. you never know =)

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