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So.... Are The Other Primes Going To Get "loki-Fied"?


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I absolutely love the look of Loki Prime. The new spikes on the back, the extended elbow guards, the even more massive thighs, everything about him looks amazing.

His model is very different in comparison to that of Loki. Now, in comparison, the other Prime models are.... rather lackluster, and are more akin to re-skins.

- Excalibur Prime has nothing new on his model in comparison to Excalibur. Yes, a different skin texture adds some pretty lines and throws on some gold to pimp out his forearm fins.


- I actually built Frost Prime before I ever made Frost, and I was always confused when I saw a Frost in a mission. I thought it was a different skin, until I realized that Frost Prime was the re-skinned one, as the few pimped-out section of his body are sparse.


- Mag Prime falls into the same category, but falls hard. The new skin texture barely looks different than Mag's basic skin, if it's any different at all. Her swirly arm bits and inversely placed Assassin's Creed-esque dual hidden blade-thingies are pimped out in gold, which looks lazy in comparison to Loki Prime's design.


- Ember Prime is a step-up, editing the thigh armor into a skinny, more pimp-ified version. Even some spiny shoulder pieces accent the reskin, but that's it. Since I'm having to compare the previous Primes to Loki Prime's deisgn, it's esay to see which one has more new model assets in comparison to its non-primed counterpart.


- Rhino Prime gets some shoulder, back, and hip tumors to match his helmet, which definitely shows a progression from just throwing some gold paint on a new skin, with some new swirls on his thighs and shoulders. He does have redisgned shoulders to make them more round, but nothing close to the new model design on the latest frame.

So, we've been at least told that the other primes (Ember, Mag, and Frost) will be getting stat boosts since Rhino Prime has increased sprint speed, Excalibur Prime has increased shield recharge rate (even though that's not a visible stat...?), and Loki Prime has increased base energy.

In the same light, are the other Primes going to be getting some make-overs/plastic surgery to make them look as sexy as Loki Prime?



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I doubt they'll be editing the models as it would cause tons of drama (zomg new model sucks de refund or riot)

Maybe they'll add some prime armor parts later, those seem to be quite a hit lately (inb4 exclusive to prime access)


Either way, I'm glad the prime versions are more and more different from the regular ones. Can't wait for nyx prime, I finally won't have the weird feeling of playing FEMxcalibur.

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While it might not be on the table right now, talking about it positively as something you would like to see is more likely to show DE that you would like it to be (re)considered as an option.


"Not gonna happen" is an oddly apathetic response to something you'd prefer.


It's also worth noting that the base model for prime frames doesn't change very much in any example, while Loki just has a greater number of seemingly permanent attachments. (I say seemingly because we have an example in Ember Prime; each arm's "Ember Prime Armor" may be replaced with shoulder plate attachments)

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