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How Is My Loki Prime Build?



Loki is one of those few Warframes that I would want to have all their skills at my disposal.

I put QT to take advantage of Loki Prime's energy pool + Flow for more survivability. It used to be Narrow Minded and Stretch in those slots but with FE and Streamline, Radial Disarm is "spam-able" so I don't mind the loss in range.




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I would use QT if coupled with Rage and Vital. Outside of that, like I said, you're doing it wrong if you're taking damage while you have energy to spare.


Long duration T4s put Lokis at risk due to the increased spawn rates of leaders, in particular the ones that cause disruption. With this particular build a disruptor leader can seriously screw you over as not only is your abilities tied to your energy pool, but your ehp as well.


I mean, QT adds 766.5 effective health (without flow) which is a nice buffer, but the fact that it drains energy is really dangerous. Adding Redirection instead would add 660 effective health (with guardian) which is a similar buffer, and isn't dependent on your energy pool.


QT with flow is up to 1533 effective health, but requires a full energy pool to be utilized to that extent. Vital and Redirec in those 2 slots would give only 1061 effective health (with guardian) but isnt functional only when you have energy to spare.


Edit: QT + Flow would work pretty well with an EV spamming Trinity on the team. But I rarely see any use EV other than when they need energy, which makes me rather sad as pretty much every kill I make when I play my Trin is adding energy to the team >.>


That does make sense. I guess I forgot the fact that as Loki, I'm not supposed to get hit. I was considering that fact that QT could save me if I screwed up and that would at least help me last longer. But since the QT + Flow combo is too reliant on my energy, I'll take them out then.


So if I put in Redirection in place of QT, what mod can I use for the extra slot?

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So if I put in Redirection in place of QT, what mod can I use for the extra slot?

Constitution or Narrow Minded (not maxed) or both (don't use redirection).


Or Stretch.


Or Rush/Maglev.

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I wouldn't do NM if you wanted to keep RD feasible, unless you're willing to slot Stretch instead of ST.


I would probably go for Constitution. Runspeed can be made up by slide attacks and parkour, and Maglev is really just a crutch for stamina management. Constitution would really only affect Invis, so depends on priorities. Stretch would work as well, but only affects RD.


Natural Talent might be a good choice since you plan to use all abilities, and thus are probably using them pretty often.


Edit: The build I use most often is http://goo.gl/bu7E9E, which gives a decent duration on invis and still nearly optimal setup for RD. But I use a few variants with Vital/Rage/QT and/or Natural Talent as well, depending on the mood.

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Runspeed can be made up by slide attacks and parkour, and Maglev is really just a crutch for stamina management. 

Maglev helps with stamina but it also increases the initial speed of slides, making very short slides increase sprinting speed a lot. It also allows you to do longer front flips while sliding, giving bigger area where you can quickly do a jump attack.


It also increases slide attack range. I'm not 100% sure but it feels like it increases jump slide attack range as well but at least slide attacks that go along the ground.


Rush helps with sprinting and thus also increases wall jumping range.


If you use sliding properly, you'll get more overall speed from Maglev than from Rush, as long as you don't often use walljumps, which aren't always the best way of advancing through tiles.


The difference between Rush and Maglev can easily be seen on slower frames where Maglev is much better than Rush. But even on Loki you can move faster with just Maglev. On him I usually use both though. They're mostly needed if I don't have coptering melee.

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my loki is similar to this except I don't use fleeting or continuity I shot for more duration (narrow minded, constitution) makes radial disarm a little lame but when you add overextended to the mix and counter act the - range he comes out pretty decent and I don't use switch teleport or decoy at higher tiers those abilities become less useful (especially switch teleport) and decoy dies right after you cast it in lvl 80+ enemies but you may not play that high not everyone does ... just thought I would give a little insight since the regular loki doesn't differ much except the energy capacity lol

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