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Alad V And The Cyber T-Rex At Road's End.


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We've all played the game I'm about to describe - even though it doesn't exist as an actual title.


It was a harrowing journey through an abandoned robotics factory on a mysterious island. While the factory continually produced robots that would try to kill you, the robots were not the real hunter in the game. For while you cut a path through the endless robots which blocked your way, you were ceaselessly stalked by a Taranusaraus rex. It was big, it was scary and before the game was done you would inevitably be forced to face the dinosaur down.


As the T-Rex fell defeated into the abyssal depths of the factory however, you knew the game was not over. There had been robots, there had been a dinosaur and therefore as you sped along in that rusted jeep towards the island's dock, there would inevitably be a half T-Rex/half robot monstrosity.


How the heck did it happen? Who knows? You could have sworn you left the entire factory a burning wreckage with a reactor meltdown imminent. Regardless of logic though, there was suddenly a charging T-Rex with a robotic eye firing lasers from it's half metallic jaw with heat seeking missiles erupting from who knows where - which quite frankly takes presidence over logic. 


And suddenly Alad V has inverted this scenario in strange and disturbing ways.


We've all heard of the Sentient by now. The strange alien race that has all but been confirmed to be AI by the recent Codex entry released for Mag Prime. What made the Sentient so scary was their absolute mastery of technology and their ability to turn any technology on it's maker. In Mag prime's Codex entry, this has been shown to be the reason the Orokin turned to the Tenno. The Tenno were the only beings able to level powerful weaponry at the Sentient. Because the Tenno's power bordered the line between organic and pure magic, the Sentient's mastery of technology held no sway on the Tenno's abilities. Heck, they probably didn't even understand what the Tenno were.


And then came Alad V, who took the infestation which was only capable of infecting organic matter and modified it to infect technology as well. You'd think this would be a good thing wouldn't you? The origins of the infected have been hinted as an organic weapon used against the sentient. An enhanced infection capable of infecting the sentient (if they do, as it happens, turn out to be AI) would be a good thing? Right?




The sole attribute of the Sentient we have been informed of (besides worm ships?) was that they could turn any technology against it's makers. The sentient could thus dominate any technology that they could interface with. Now, consider what happens when Alad V's modified virus infects a Sentient. Most infested units (if you look closely at their models in the codex) are organic masses which take over the bodies they consume - with pieces of those bodies still sticking out. Now answer me this: if a Sentient machine is infested, will the infestation dominate the Sentient or the Sentient dominate the infested? Need I remind you that in any confrontation for control, the Sentient always won?


The Sentient never understood the Tenno but if Alad V's infestation infects the Sentient, a half infested Sentient would be given the only thing they had never been capable of doing - achieving a way to directly interface with organic lifeforms - and from there, dominate an organic being in the same way they dominated any technological constructs.


I started this post talking about robots, a dinosaur and the eventual dinosaur with robotic parts. From this episode with Alad V I deduce the following: We have infested, we will have ascended AI and at the end of the road we will not have a fleshy dinosaur with a robotic jaw, but a robotic T-Rex with an organic jaw.


Bring your ogris. 



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Bring your ogris. 


An Ogris wouldn't do anything.  You'd have to wait for the invincible shield to drop and then shoot it in a tiny little weak spot.  An Ogris couldn't do it.  Bring your Soma and Boltor Prime.  That's the only thing that can kill it.  

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