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  1. The accounts you make MUST NOT TRADE BETWEEN THEMSELVES AT ALL or it will be a breach of EULA/ToS, thus: Banhammer.
  2. Ah yes. We need a new wave of complains about the grind. Let's do it.
  3. Just FYI: listening =\= doing whatever you tell them to. Developers have a vision for the game, if your ideas are not within that vision or are unfeaseable, they won't do it.
  4. Didn't they change where the Ambassador drops to the Raknoids in RJ?
  5. And it's also a source of Void Traces without needing to use Relics. But if course, if it had anything of importance that was reusable in there we would be FORCED to run the mission... *Looks at Sisters Of Parvos* ... Oh wait.
  6. Normal Excalibur also has the same description. Just "Excalibur" is mentioned. Not "Excalibur Prime".
  7. When you consider the Ivara Leverian, the normal ones already existed and were tested to be worthy, "be remembered". They wouldnt enhance something unworthy or something that has not proven itself. I can conclude that every single Warframe began as the normal ones and the Primes are enhanced after they had proven themselves to be worthy. As the Warframes were piloted, it was more of a weapons test to see if it was worth of being made better. So: no, Nidus Prime doesnt break Lore.
  8. *puts tinfoil hats* Because they HATE the players! They don't want us to have fun! I'm sure that is what people want hear. Do y'all feel validated?
  9. Excalibur Umbra Prime. No one outside of Chinaframe Founders have that frame. So you can use it in the Global Build, result: No use. Therefore: useless.
  10. Banned for NSFW Glyph of two "snakes" about to dock.
  11. I think that for the Ambassador to shine it needs the same treatment the Quellor had: the Alt-fire uses LESS of the Magazine. Because using Half of it in the changed shots was pain in the Quellor, it is pain in the Ambassador.
  12. Because it shows that you've been active enough to know the answers to some of the questions you were "Beheaded Kamikaze Asking" about. Because some names, yours included, have patterns in their posts. And it tickles memories of "What have I not seen this guy say something like that before?" of the more active/old members and they WILL search your profile to scratch that tickle memory. You didnt invest on it. You are just reaping the consequences. You are using something under-equipped, under-leveled, under-prepared and taking it to a higher level mission. Just like when I jump into a mission in this little gacha game I'm currently playing that is 50 levels above mine: You will get your ass destroyed and will have no one but yourself to blame. Well, if you quit Warframe AGAIN, then it may have to be permanent this time, because when you return, more Railjack content will likely be put, more quests will require it and the very reason you "quit" will be even more abundant. The Lich is now in another area, actually invest in Railjack, give your AI crew some good weapons and put them in the correct roles. You have been active for WEEKS in those forums before this thread, it wouldnt be wrong to assume that you at least checked the changes that happened since.
  13. I think thats skidding the "GrimDerp" territory instead of GrimDark.
  14. And then hard content won't matter because it will be too hard, too cheese, too annoying, too fake difficulty to someone who will storm the forums with their herd of sheep.
  15. No, the sun is not out. The Quest turns the day into night so you can have Terry spawn and have Hek say "Its... beautiful. Its so beautiful... KILL IT!"
  16. Well, now you can complain about how long its taking for the next one to come.
  17. Didnt those Arcanes and Zaws come with Neberus last year? Daughter will likely have them again.
  18. I sold most Arcane Helmets I had... for credits. After Baro was announced for the first time, I was short on Credits, so I sold my Prime Parts... for credits. When BOOBEN was 10s away from finishing... I miscliked and rushed him. I bought The Sacrifice Pack TWICE because pressing Enter to write in chat also counts as confirmation when you are looking at the Market. I bought a Deluxe Skin alone... then I bought the whole thing because I forgot that buying just the skin doesnt come with the extras.
  19. When I enter the plains now. The game gives me that message and closes the game. I didn't have this issue 2 days ago.
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