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Sniping And Potential A Frame That Is Suited For It


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As for a frame that would help sniping specifically but not help guns in general too much? Perhaps something that amplifies your guns physical damage and punch through for some period of time (with magic railgun magnets or something like that) but lowers their fire rate down some amount to a cap. 

A frame for sniping would be something that can set traps up at range. Like...something that slows down targets, drains shields, something like that. :v

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Don't think you'd need snipe when you can 1-shot it in the face.. Unless there's incentive like a 500% damage multiplier when sniping and is capable of 1-shotting a boss-level enemy. That being said, I don't think it's gonna happen..


As much as space ninjas should be stealthy and all, sniping may be better in other themes/ map types.

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Firstly on snipers right now, their biggest hurtle is that you may as well have missed if you didn't crit.


Second biggest issue is body blocking... can't tell you how many times I've had an ally move in front of me right as I fired and thus caused me to miss because for whatever reason punch through doesn't activate when it hits an ally.


For the people who state that the distances aren't long enough for snipers, they don't play enough planetside, void, or derelict missions as all three of those have a lot of tiles with great distances for you to snipe over.



Unfortunately, the problem really is the general zerg rush that is this game and the high amounts of CQC. The sniper weapon paradigm doesn't work with that, you're not gonna have an easy time fixing it directly.


Indirectly however, they serve in eliminating the highest threat target quickly and efficiently. Of course, unless you're running low-mod weapons, we don't really have many targets that warrent their use (Wardens are perhaps the only one, and due to the xray binoculars they occasionally employ in addition to the unreliable damage issue makes sniper rifles impractical then). Some of the planned enemies might once we get them, but of course with guns like Boltor Prime and Soma out there, of course there's still not going to be too much of a reason to go with them instead.



As for some ideas for helping them...

- VARIABLE ZOOM SCOPES seriously this is one of the very few modern shooters with non-variable sniper scopes.


- If the sniper rifle has punch through, giving it something like the scanner's see-through-walls ability would be quite useful- especially if it only spotted through walls out to the distance its punch through could hit.


- Adding an extra highlight that paints the region on the target that will provide the maximum possible damage amplifier. This would make them a great scouting tool for new content as it would say "hey here's the head", as well as make Banshee's Sonar easier to use. This would, of course, have to account for the crit x2 on headshots that Sonar does not get.



Adding any sort of shot cycle rate buff would very quickly hit the wall of how fast you can actually aim the weapon, and honestly if they had guaranteed crits you really wouldn't need the increased crit damage if your mods were decently high-ranked. I wouldn't be opposed to a "shots since last miss" combo, but the body blocking would probably cause me incessant rage if they added one.


Banshee is an excellent sniper.



Sadly, due to the extra x2 for a crit headshot (which they didn't give to Sonar for whatever reason), unless you run a net +60% power strength, Molecular Prime is better than sonar at providing a damage amp- in addition to its other benefits.


Sniping in this game cannot be made viable without it being turned into something not sniping related.


This game is not made for sniper rifles.


And again


inb4 some old founder comes in and exclaims this and that were the perfect most op weapon ever in history back in the day etc.


I don't care. They are worthless now. Take em outta the game, the work you will have to do to make them viable isn't worth it at all whatsoever.


They'll never make an objective mode where you NEED to snipe.

They'll never make an enemy where you NEED to snipe.


So why keep them? No reason at all. Garbage.


Dis bait, too gud


I can assure you, I don't think they ever really had a time to shine ever with the bows being a thing :P


Bows were originally in the place that Snipers are now. What you see now is the buffed bows that are actually good.


Back in Damage 1.0, the Dread was considered novelty and the Paris Prime was often looked at as "Or I could just use the Lanka instead, since it's got more damage and doesn't require RNG to get, as well as its projectile flying true instead of having drop off."


Well since you called...


Snipetron was a fine weapon back in its day, and the Vandal was just an improvement over it, it was the go-to single shot weapon for a long time since the Lanka didn't have hit scan bullets. It only started to fall off around level 100 enemies because it only has 25% crit chance. 


And the work YOU would have to do is zero. The most work I can possibly imagine you doing that involves snipers is selling them. This thread is about making sniping viable, since you don't want to do that you can get out.


The problem they have is numbers. They don't have enough crit chance to scale well into the late game. The best sniper right now is the Vectis, because it has a low reload time and passable crit chance but even it can't hit 100% cit like bows and the amprex/synapse can. 


Ideally to balance them around bows they would need equal crit chance and maybe a tad higher damage but slower firing rate. Punch through would help tremendously but we have mods for that if we really need it. 


As for a frame that would help sniping specifically but not help guns in general too much? Perhaps something that amplifies your guns physical damage and punch through for some period of time (with magic railgun magnets or something like that) but lowers their fire rate down some amount to a cap.


Uh, Snidal was good, but I find it hard to believe the Snipetron original was ever that good- empires could rise and fall while you reloaded that thing haha


Also, it had 20% crit chance, not 25%.... the 25x2 crit stat thing was a buff that went out during Damage 2.0, as all snipers were 20x1.5 in Damage 1.0. The only exception to this if we were to include the rest of the sniper type weapons, would be the Dread, which had 20x2.


And yes, that does mean they forgot the Lanka when they bumped the snipers to 25x2. Because they actually did forget the Lanka when they bumped the snipers to 25x2.

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actually i think nova is the best option for sniper playstyle atm, you've got a teleport to get to highter locations, m-prime that gives you aoe and slows down targets and antimatter drop that scales of the burst damage  of a gun and sniper rifles got the hightest burst unless you want to face-tank an ogris rocket, actually massive aoe destruction isn't exactly the expected results of a sniper but since this game swarms you with opponents i think that's as good as it gets

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