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New Void Tower Type


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tl;dr Found at bottom


If you play warframe a lot, and have several hundred hours logged in to trying to get prime weapons and pieces, you know how frustrating it is to spend 32 Tower keys trying to get a specific piece, and only managing to get 16 of a certain blueprint or piece instead of the one you were looking for.


What if there were a new gamemode, similar to the spy mode, where you travel across the map to different Armory rooms in which you have to hack into the room and collect certain artifacts to take back and do some sort of reverse engineering to get the blueprint for the weapon. Higher Tier keys would carry the respective higher tier blueprints from other mission types (hopefully concentrating the rewards a bit more, lessening dilution).


The levels could have more locations to hit, and as each room is hacked, the enemies become higher level or more difficult enemy types become more frequent. This would also be a chance to incorporate more difficult hacking situations to the game, to make cyphers more useful in general.


As always, if you think this is a good idea, upvote, comment, and make some noise. Let's get DE's attention.


(side note: I briefly wanted there to be a timer based hack where you had to wait, but that felt too reminiscent of Mobile defense)


tl;dr: A new Void Tower type for getting blueprints specifically.

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I think many players have asked for extremely high difficulty missions at many stages.


If I could get my &#! kicked and had team wipes and actually had to run such missions flawlessly to get specific blueprints, then yes, otherwise ultra well modded hunting parties would just farm these non stop just to sell rare stuff for plat on the market.


These type of missions should be the ones with re-tooled mobs to make them tiers harder then normal, rather then just throw more at you like the current system.

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There's been suggestions of adding Void Mini-bosses. New enemies that are significantly harder to beat, and require special equipment load-outs or strategy. Similar to the prosecutors. I think those would fit well here, in this mission type. Have some sort of Armory Guard designed to protect the weapon vaults, and there would be one in a small anteroom before you can get to the armory itself.


I wonder how Stealth frames would do in this mission? If they could sneak right by everyone...I would suggest the Armory Guards have some effect similar to when the stalker is pegged on you, your invisibility is negated.

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I do know that I recently played a T4 Survival, and at around 35 minutes, there was a Leech Eximus Heavy Gunner (I think that's what it was), and good lord I was pouring clip after clip into it's ugly face and I swear it felt just as effective as if I had been glaring particularly hard at him. At the time I was using a Boltor Prime, with a decent mod loud-out, given it was only rank 15 at the time. So something like that would be useful here, something just ridiculously hard to take down, due to armor and health, and then add some ability negations (deactivated stealth, can't be bastille'd, etc.) and set it loose a room or two before the Armory. 


Another thing though, you couldn't choose the weapon you get, it's just a mission type for blueprints specifically. You won't get Formas or parts there.

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