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Helios And It's Investigator Ability.


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Helios scans whatever it wants to. No matter how many times it's scanned it before.


It's like, "Yeah, I know there's a mob you'd like me to scan attacking you right now, and it'd be a good time to do it before it's dead...but...but...that storage container 200 meters across the map is lookin' mighteh GOOOOD."

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Helios scans things that your codex indicates as being not fully scanned.




1.) The codex usually doesn't update until the end of the mission


2.) The codex may not successfully initialize


3.) Not all scannable objects HAVE codex entries, and so will be scanned every time Helios sees them




All areas that could use some improvement.

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Okay, new development! I think Helios got brain-damaged from dying too many times. :( I wished it'd stop scanning storage containers over and over, and it has! But it's also stopped scanning almost everything else too. Standing next to threshcones for a long time; Helios: zzzz. Standing near unscanned or uncompleted enemies; Helios: zzzz. 


Random times; Helios: zzz*snortSNORT* Did you say something? *scan* I'm gonna go back to sleep for the rest of the mission. zzzz... ;)

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