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The Everyday Antics Of The Tenno (Issue #4: What Stalker?)


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Just asking. Why did rhino regard the stalker as a gentleman when he appeared?

Flattery. Imagine if you were Rhino in that situation: You're rushing through an alert mission with your friends, caving in boxhead... heads and generally being a badass. Your friend comes running to you explaining she's about to be jumped by an edgey assassin that has a thing for creepy emails and light switches, so you get pumped thinking the stalker doesn't have a chance.


When said stalker appears you cover yourself in the durable plating of iron you're so comfortable with and begin to taunt him... only for him to destroy your iron skin without touching or even going near you. It is then you realize that the dark figure in front of you knows exactly what he's doing, and you're effectively powerless holding nothing but a recently brought jet-mace. 


Rhino was pretty much trying to appeal to the stalker's better nature with flattery in the hopes that he'd suddenly give up his centuries-long desire to kill Tenno, and in a twist that nobody could have seen coming, it didn't work.

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