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Strict Nat! Help!





Okay so when I play wanted to play warframe with my friend a notification came up with "Strict Nat Type" and I went up on youtube looked at tutorials but they never worked! Can someone please give me some help, THANKS!!!!



THOMSON ST5x6v6 Router,

Wifi = DIR-615

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This has been an issue for a long time with lots of players. For some reason this entire community including the developers are unable to come up with a solid fix. In my research to find an answer the one thing that stands out is that I get my internet through a wireless WI Max service provider. I am in the country but the connection is stable and fast and I pay well for it.I also have a router DIR-655 for my network in my home. The result is I have a dual Strict Nat issue. I have tried to place my network outside of the incoming signal but I still cannot join, see or invite any friends, clan mates or other players in my game. I am able to play all normal mission with other players when I host or just join. 

  I would to see this issue solved as I am unable to take part in a large portion of what this game offers. I donated to the founders program, bought Platinum, and have 400+ hours invested but I still don,t get the full benefit of what I have put out due to the Strict Nat issue.

  There are lots of ideas of what to do on the forums, unfortunately none have worked for me

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If you're constantly getting the Strict NAT issue, here are some things you can try:

1) Port forwarding will restore some online functionality (you will still get the message even if ports are forwarded though)

2) Make sure UPnP is enabled (if it is and you're still getting the message, either your router forces Strict NAT or it's malfunctioning)

3) DMZ-ing your computer's IPv4 should get rid of the issue (this will prevent other computers from using the network properly though)


Note: Some routers force Strict NAT; no matter what you do you will always get this error, and the only way around it is to get a new router that allows Moderate NAT (Type 2). Try getting a different router.


Strict NAT (Type 3 NAT) is something that will negatively affect nearly every multiplayer game on the market. Game consoles can't play games online properly (specifically they cannot host instances) with NAT Type 3 either.

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