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Complete Price List Of Items To Sell Or Trade~

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Here are the lists with approximate pricing based on my supplies.

Will accept trade with some other items, especially:


Reaper Prime Blade

2 x Lex Prime Blueprints




UPDATED 26th August 2014


Warframe Mods


























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Can I have a quote for:


Lethal Torrent x2 <5 x2 == <10

Pathogen Rounds == >10

Contagious Spread == >10

Boltor P Receiver, Barrel. == 20 

Boltor P BP if you have it

Bronco P Barrel x2, <5 x2 == <10

Akbronco P BP == <5

Orthos P Blade x2, Handle == 25 

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Lethal Torrent x2 == 5
Pathogen Rounds + Contagious Spread == 15
Boltor P Receiver, Barrel. == 15
 Boltor P BP 
Bronco P Barrel x2, Akbronco P BP == 10
Orthos P Blade x2, Handle == 20
...with further discount: 60P total for exactly 3 trades. Thank you - -)/
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Hello was wondering if by chance you had that Gnashing payara stance and decisive judgment and if you still do would 20p be fine? or what would be a decent price?


According to rarity and my stock, Decisive Judgment can still be sold at 10P, Gnashing Payara is 30P.


I'll be back online by the next 9 hours if you are interested.

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Hey man, wanted to ask if you have or can get a Scindo Prime Blade? Perrin Sequence sacrifice be crazy.

And check availability for Fang P set, on the side.


Only have BP for Scindo Prime... I am actually looking for 1 Fang Prime Handle for the Red Veil, have all other parts but handles.

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