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Some Small Additions That I Thought Would Be Useful


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So this is list of small things that I would like to see and I hope that most of you will too:

-Life support capsules counter - I don't know if everyone would call that useful but it could be so. With this counter you would see how many capsules are on the map, with this info you could estimate for how long you could stay, sometimes you don't know how many are there and you go to exit thinking you would hold only for 2 min but in reality with those capsules you could hold for another 10 min.
-Enemy counter like in extermination but in every defence wave - it would be cool knowing how many enemies you have to kill to clear this wave.
-A small script to void survivals - This script should delete any rewards from drop-table when  you had received them (for example: you received a BoP ornament at 5th minute so every time the rewards are taken from rotation A you cannot receive this item again but you have better chances for other items in this rotation. What happens when every item in one rotation is taken? When there is time for reward from this rotation it is simply ignored and you take reward from next rotation).
-Another script in void survival (YEEEEY) - This script should give a limit to T1Surv for dropping another void keys, for example up to 6, after dropping this amount of keys they no longer has a chance of dropping in this mission and you can get items only from rotations like in T2 or T3.

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-A small script to void survivals - This script should delete any rewards from drop-table when  you had received them


This right here might not be perfect but it would greatly decrease the time you have to spend on grinding for something. Also it'd be cool if once you have found the whole set of parts needed to build something, the script would reset.


This also creates the problem where multiple players in the group would either have to receive different rewards from the same mission, or have their chances of getting a certain part merged in some way.


I like your idea. +1

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