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Suggested Change To Warframe Moddability


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really don't want to go and rant on it, this is just a suggestion on something that might improve functionality and possibly diversity in warframe loadouts. i realize that it would take a lot to rework mod point values to make something like this work, but nonetheless, it's an idea i would like at least looked at even if it is just brushed into the dustbin.


(i'm seriously terrible at this bbcode crap, can't figure out how to make it work  /crossfingers.


http://i.imgur.com/mTjIjI2.jpg  (sigh)


Pretty sure we all know what i'm referring to by warframe specific abilities, but let's define utility mods
warframe body mods that don't directly affect your stats, but either give you a passive ability or a resistance to a type of damage.

Diamond Skin
Enemy Sense
Flame Repellent
Heavy Impact
Lightning Rod
Master Thief
Natural Talent
Quick Thinking
Reflex Guard
Shield Flux
Shock absorbers
Sure Footed
Thief's Wit
Undying Will
Warm Coat

These would all be utilities that could be set in place of abilities where they might be preferred to an ability

Stat mods of course being mods that affect the duration, strength, range, efficiency of abilities, your regeneration/recovery rates, your resource pools (health, energy, stamina, shields) and movement speed.

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