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Corpus Drakgoon Counterpart Shotgun Concept


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Whenever I need a crowd-control gun I generally choose an explosive gun or the Boltor Prime (Punch-through on kill). Sometimes I choose the Drakgoon because I don't want to shoot most if not all of a Boltor Prime clip to kill a group of enemies, risk blowing myself up with the Ogris (which doesn't affect the people in the rear of a mob unless you hit them from above), nor wait for a Penta grenade to reach the enemies while I'm being shot--and risk blowing myself up. The Drakgoon has 2 significant downsides of it's own: it has a notable vertical spread in addition to it's wide horizontal one, and it only has Punch Through for the concentrated shot. In other words, it's only useful for hitting enemies that are lined up front-to-back or side-to-side, but not so much cluttered groups.


I was thinking there should be a sort of Corpus counterpart for the Drakgoon, except that its charge trigger works in reverse of the Drakgoon: tapping the trigger shoots a narrow spread but charging it increases the spread,



NAME: I was thinking either Ultima (the last syllable) or Chevra (because the flat, curved projectile would be sort of like a chevron shape. The problem I have with the name Ultima is that it implies that this weapon would be the Corpus' ultimate gun. As for Chevra, that's part of a phrase that refers to a Jewish organization that oversees proper burial practice--I don't know if that's Latin enough for the Corpus which is why I'm not so sure about that name either. I welcome suggestions as long as it's a Latin word suffixed with -a to maintain the Corpus naming convention.


TYPE: Shotgun (Primary)




PROJECTILE: Fires a single, flat (height-wise), arched (apex towards enemy) laser spread sort of like the Line Gun from the Dead Space series (but DE of course doesn't mind taking obvious inspiration from other games so that shouldn't be a problem right?). This projectile is to be considered 1 pellet. Deals Radiation damage and some Slash damage.


-Primary Projectile: The laser spread is constantly 1 meter wide. It travels 100 meters a second and has significant damage fall-off per meter traveled. Has 1 meter of Punch Through.


-Alternate Projectile (Fully-charged): A more powerful, wider spread that grows in width 1 meter for every 1 meter traveled. It travels 1000m/s and has INFINITE Punch Through (because *supercharged radiation razorblast) but also has rapid damage fall-off and a limited 10-meter range.










VELOCITY: (Primary) 100m/s; (Charged) 1000m/s


RANGE: (Primary) 100m; (Charged) 10m


DAMAGE: (Primary) 135 Radiation, 15 Slash; (Charged) 200 Radiation, 50 Slash


DAMAGE FALL-OFF: (Primary) -0.5 Radiation, -0.1 Slash per meter (Charged) -10 Radiation, -2 Slash per meter








MAGAZINE SIZE: 10 rounds




FIRE RATE: 3 rounds/sec






-Slotting the mod Vicious Spread on this weapon will increase the width of the projectile by up to 60%. Because the projectile is "spread thinner", the damage of the projectile is also reduced by up to 60%; however, the damage increase will counter this and increase the damage by up to 30%. +30% damage +60% projectile width = highly recommended.


-Tainted Shell will decrease the projectile width by up to 77% but increase the damage by the same. Because of the loss of area-of-effect, fire-rate and a large amount of mod capacity though, the use of this mod is highly discouraged for this weapon.



I hope you like this concept as much as I do and please feel free to leave feedback!

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I wish I gave this thread a more attractive title because apparently even mentioning the Drakgoon is an instant turn-off since no one besides me cares about it.


It's not the title, it's just that players don't seem to care unless there's fancy artwork in the topic. And even then it has to have boobs or you get bumped to the garbage bin lol


I like the novelty of it shooting chevron-shaped laser projectiles. Also like the effects of Tainted Shell and Vicious Spread. VS makes it an effective sweeping shotgun while TS turns it into a more precise weapon, good playstyle variety.


3 shots a second seems about right, I wouldn't mind 2 shots a second though since it's powerful.

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Thank you for your feedback DarkTails. And that's what I'm starting to notice too, lol. A thread about a horrid Warframe/weapon idea gets much more love if it has a decent pic then an actually useful addition with none. I guess the forum-goers really are just like kids, wanting picture books instead of chapter books and throwing tantrums when they don't like something about a thread haha. And yes, they need momma's milk too :P

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