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Can We Talk About Dethcube's Tail-Spin Animation?

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I don't know if this is taboo to bring up or anything, but can we discuss this?


And I mean "discuss" as in not just talk about it, but is there a snowball's chance in Hell that it could be changed?



See, the Dethcube spins his tail piece, all the way around.  It looks okay for radially symmetrical tails like the Capsule or the Coltek (which I think is on the technical side of radial symmetry, but I digress), and the Ictus is passable, while the Para anchor tail has its own problems - but the other tails, it doesn't work so well.


The Koi tail looks particularly silly spinning endlessly at the end of the Dethcube, with its intended orientation self-evident as it corkscrews into functional uselessness.  The Thorax turns totally senseless as it spins around and around, already an organic oddity and now a spinning organic oddity.



Can the Tail joint be changed?  It's slight up-and-down movement seems like it would be perfect on its own without the spinning; it'd certainly do a world of good for the Koi tail and allow the Thorax to pretend to make some sense while trivially reducing the animation for the others.



And that brings me to my finally discussion point; Can all the tail joints be changed?  Like what if the actual Tail part could have its own animation rules when it's equipped?


That way we could have things like this, on a hypothetical Dethcube whose side of the Tail Join only does the bobbing animation:


- No Spin-jointed Koi Tail that just bobs up and down on the Sentinel Tail Joint


- Capsule tail, with its spin animation enhanced so that it spins faster, and maybe spins slowly the other way for a few seconds before resuming normal, faster spinning


- Coltek tail that turns 45 degrees, then turns back to the starting position, then turns 45 degrees the other way, returns to the starting position and repeats


What I'm trying to get at is if part of the burden of the animation was shifted onto the Tail piece (or other pieces, for that matter) then the pieces themselves could have their own stake in their animation and have animations that better fit them, rather than a one-size-might-fit-all approach.


Can that be done, maybe?

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Yeah, I remember that.


I didn't end up using a tail, since it spun around, but I tried to tail it to see what it'd look like and it was a clipfest.  Might not have been so bad if the tail joint was stationary, but whatever.



I'd like it if some of the animation burden was held by the parts themselves, since it would improve the variety of animations.

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