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Stalker Is Stalking Me?


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(Not sure if this thread goes here or not. The name says bugs, so...)


Seems the Stalker has been popping up without a mark. I got my second visit today. I'm not sure if it's just me or what. The last time I got a mark was the 8th, which he came for me a few hours later and murdered my Hydroid. All the other marks have been taken care of as well.


I got some screenshots for my proof. Here is a picture of my inbox with the latest Stalker mark from the 8th.



This was roughly 10 minutes ago.



If it matters any, he didn't drop any blueprints, just a mod and a resource that I didn't read in time. Unless there is something about the Stalker, like he can show up whenever he pleases without a mark, then lemme know and I'll delete this thread. c:



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