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Can We Shoot Through Our Team Mates Please?


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But it's already in the game. You just need to equip punch through mods for that.

The debate here (well for me) is wether it should be an innate mechanic or still be tied to mods.

The mod himself wouldn't lose its property on enemies, but would not be necessary anymore for teamates.



I know cause I was aiming at it just before "that person" dashed in my line of fire >_<


Well, punching through a friendly should also be in the game in my opinion. It is even more silly that it is considering you normally cannot shoot through allies. So the debate, to me, becomes: should we take this punch through allies mechanics out? My opinion is yes we should.


And It can be hard to tell with some of those anxious Grineers running all over and bouncing back and forth. But yes, some targets are pretty static. That wasn't really an important part of my argument. Just passing comment.

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