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[Warframe Suggestion] Dexter (The Serial Killer)


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Of course I mean the Showtime Dexter, not the CN Dexter

and if there's copyright breach (though I doubt they have rights over a popular first name), then rename him to "Passenger" from the "Dark Passenger" theme, or "Butcher" from the "Bay Harbor Butcher" denomination.

Or "Darkly" from the first book's official name "Darkly Dreaming Dexter"

or RETXED (the name flipped backwards)

There are tons of possibilities!

His powers would be quite diverse and unique:


1. Cheek Slash (or Bleeding Slash) - would be the first melee attack with a bleeding effect. Make it as bloody as possible.



2. Plastic Wraps (or Kill Room) - Would unleash an area attack like a blast of plastic wraps to stun all enemies around him for 3-8 seconds. The room (or the immediate surroundings/walls/floor) would look like covered in plastic, as if plasticized somehow, similar to this:


And Dexter would get a damage boost while inside this area, indefinitely.

When you leave the room (or small area), the plastic would be removed.

3. Dark Passenger - This would be a stealth skill (maybe by disguising the Tenno as either Grineer, Corpus man or Infested Runner) allowing the Tenno to sneak behind an enemy undetected and stab a syringe in its neck


making it unconscious/paralyzed for the rest of the round (they don't get up, you can kill them or just leave them there). This power can also work in a limited manner on any Grineer boss/assassination target or on one of those really tough really heavy Grineer commanders that are really strong and drop rollers, the limitation being that the paralyzing only lasts until it is attacked 3 times. So that after the third attack, if you have not taken its life, it would recover.

4. Tonight's the Night - This power is a finishing move. It would first drop the enemy off its feet and then, with the ground stab animation, would deliver a fatal blow to the target's chest (or back).


This would be costly in energy but it would deliver a massive hit.

As for design, I imagine it wouldn't resemble real life Dexter, but could have some elements of him,

like his kill-suit colors


or a re-imagining of this outfit:


some red details on his hands (cause he's a blood forensic specialist)

or on his head (sometimes he seems to have red hair)

or just red splotches all over his body, like the texture of this shoe:


Aaaand... well it would be awesome if you'd do this. Perhaps Showtime could recognize the advertising opportunity and pay you guys for this promo. Or perhaps you can do it without harming their business copy-rights in any way by changing a few words here and there. But he would be my favorite and the bestest Tenno ever.

Please consider it :D

Or allow us to make our own Tenno somehow... by adding elemental effects or bleeding damage to certain blank-slate powers, and switch between armor parts for a definitive unique look of our creation

Much appreciation

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More advance gear system - yes

Bleeding damage - yes

Seriall killers ? Maybe

Dexter ? NO. It doesn't fit the univers, and by the way you already have stalker to survive(warframes without invisiblility of course)

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The ideas are quite nice however, I feel for some reason this would taki away from the tenno fell (Ninja and Gun) Having plastic doesnt seem right for the future.

BUT, That doesnt mean maybe things can be redesigned but have the same effect, I would say maybe not a warframe like this but take your 3rd ability Dark Passengar and replace it with teleport for ASH. No one uses teleport on him and This ability seems like a real cool one to use, and it would cost 75 and I think that is resonible,

Also the bleeding damage is very nice.

Good idea for a warframe but I like the abilities idea more.

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We appreciate the obvious effort you've put into this idea OP, seeing new ideas is always a good thing. However I really don't think this is a suitable idea for a Warframe, it just doesn't really fit in with the game design and overall aesthetic. Think more along the lines of elemental or militaristic roles if you're still interested in pitching your own Frame.

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Dexter ? NO. It doesn't fit the univers, and by the way you already have stalker to survive(warframes without invisiblility of course)

well, true, but Excalibur was a medieval british long-sword, not a Katana,

and I don't see evidence of either nations or cultures in the game's universe.

And Rhino is a hulking animal that we never see on any maps on its own, so it doesn't "fit" the universe either.

I don't mean we integrate the exact same character with the show's lore, but something inspired on it.

And plastic could be like a translucent plasma, not necessarily plastic wraps, but not like goo either.

Or maybe instead of a plastic room, it would just be blood everywhere - on the walls and floor and ceiling,

because I like the kill-room idea that would serve as an area-based damage boost, if you want to take away the area stun effect.

Also, it doesn't have to be a serial killer, I just wanted to make sure nobody comes here expecting "what does this button do?" jokes.

So it would be a Warframe you could play with. But now that you mentioned it, it could also be a variation of a Stalker :P why not?

I'd rather play with it though :D

Also +1 on the Debra idea :D hell yea!

Also, to reiterate - it won't look human, it would still look like a fricking space ninja. Just with color elements of Dexter's outfits/blood/hair. But it would still look like a Space Ninja

And it's not a joke :D I'm a huge fan of the show!

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