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Is My Kubrow Defective? Doesn't Seem To Be Maturing



Reading about other people's kubrow experiences, it's supposed to be getting bigger and showing its colors.  Mine hatched over a day ago and it's still a pudgy little white ball of fluff. :-/


The kubrow didn't actually visibly age at all. And its adult color seems to be all whitish-gray.  It simply popped into full adult hood after receiving daily login reward.


Remember to go back to your Codex and finish the kubrow quest so you can bond with it and take it on missions.

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Yeah I've been spamming E on a regular basis, wierd.

That could be a bug.


Maybe pass this on to [DE]Drew, [DE]Megan or DERebecca and see what they can dig up about it? It doesn't make sense that we got our Kubrows at around the same time, but mine matured around 12 hours ago and yours did not.

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